Who is the Girlfriend of Alex Pereira in 2023? Rumors Of A Break-Up Being Sparked Recently

Alex Pereira, a famous UFC fighter, is having one of the best times of his career right now. “Poatan” beat Jiri Prochazka to win the UFC light heavyweight title in his most recent fight at UFC 295.

However, Pereira’s personal life isn’t going well right now. People are speculating about him because of his bond with his girlfriend. Who is his Girlfriend?

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Who is the Girlfriend of Alex Pereira?

Sportskeeda says that Merle is the name of Alex Pereira’s girlfriend. It’s been said that they broke up because they stopped following each other on social media and deleted pictures of him and her.

However, the couple hasn’t said anything public about ending their relationship. Before his relationship with Merle, Alex Pereira’s dating past is unknown to the public.

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Who is Merle? How did she meet Alex Pereira?

Merle goes out with Alex Pereira. She works in the media and comes from Brazil, Chile, and Germany families. Merle hosts the combat sports show “Fightology” and controls the Fightology Instagram page. There needs to be more information about how they met.


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Rumours of their breakup

People say that Alex Pereira and his girlfriend Merle are no longer together because they have stopped following each other on social media and removed pictures of each other.

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But neither of them has publicly said anything about the breakup. There is no information about what caused the reported split.

Are they married?

Alex Pereira and Merle are not married. They have lived together since Pereira bought a residence in Connecticut to train under his mentor, Glover Teixeira. Pereira and Glover have a brotherly relationship.

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Do they have kids?

Alex Pereira and Merle are not married. There is no information available on them having children together. Alex Pereira has two sons, believed to be in their teenage years. The identity of his children’s mother remains unknown, but some speculate it was someone from his tribe back in Brazil.

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