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Welcome to Biography Vip, your number one source for all things content. Biography VIP can link you to the Lives of Beloved Celebrities, TV Stars, influencers, Politicians, and More. Biography VIP is a wonderful area for marketers to reach an audience that is actively engaged since the site receives more than one hundred thousand unique visits each month and has a user community that is continually growing.

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Before we dive into the details, let’s start with how to get in touch. For article submissions, reach out to [email protected]. If you have articles ready for publication or want to inquire about guest posting, drop an email to [email protected].

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Guest Posting Guideline

BiographyVIP welcomes guest authors with open arms. If you have a flair for writing and your expertise aligns with topics such as Celebrity Biography, Celebrities News, General, Essay Writing, Lifestyle, Fashion, Models, Casinos, CBD, and more, this is the platform for you. However, it’s important to note that free guest posts are not available. Quality matters.

  • Content Guidelines: Your content should be unique, well-written, and informative. Avoid any content related to gambling and adult themes. Duplicate content, content spinning, and poorly written pieces won’t be entertained.
  • Article Length: Aim for articles with a minimum length of 800-1000 words. This ensures that your content provides value and depth to the readers.
  • Keyword Usage: Avoid keyword stuffing; maintain a keyword density between 1-2% to ensure a natural flow in your articles.
  • Links: While you’re permitted to include links in your content, remember that excessive backlinks may be removed. Typically, one do-follow and one no-follow link are allowed, and they should be placed in the last paragraph of the article.
  • Editorial Authority: BiographyVIP reserves the right to make changes to your article if necessary. This is to ensure the content aligns with their quality standards.
  • Time to Publish: It takes approximately 24 hours to publish your content once it meets the guidelines. Make sure to introduce yourself and provide information about your previous articles when contacting BiographyVIP.


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