Who is Alex de Minaur’s girlfriend in 2023? How long they have beeen dating?

While Alex de Minaur dominates the tennis court with his skill and agility, fans are equally curious about the personal side of the athlete’s life, particularly his romantic connections.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing question: Who is Alex de Minaur’s girlfriend? Join us as we explore the glimpses and whispers of his love life, unraveling the mystery behind the tennis sensation’s romantic pursuits off the court.

Who is Alex de Minaur?

Alex de Minaur

Alex de Minaur is an Australian professional tennis player ranked No. 18 globally. His best ATP score was 15, which he reached in June 2021. He has won seven titles so far.

Alex De Minaur has won one pairs title, too. He was ranked 187th in doubles right now and 58th in October 2020, which was the high point of his career.

Alex de Minaur

Who is Alex de Minaur dating in 2023?

Sportskeeda says that Katie Boulter, a world No. 56 tennis player from the UK, is dating Alex de Minaur. Everyone in tennis knows them as one of the most famous tennis pairs. They’ve been together for a while.

Alex de Minaur

There have been some rough spots in their friendship, like when de Minaur said he would show Boulter’s flaws if they played each other in mixed doubles at the United Cup. But they’ve been able to keep their friendship going, and they still play tennis together.

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About Katie Boulter

Katie Boulter is a professional English tennis player. A seven-time singles and four-time doubles ITF Women’s Circuit winner, she is thought to be one of the best players in Britain.

She was the 10th-best youth player in the world in March 2014. The Lawn Tennis Association’s National Tennis Centre in Roehampton is where she plays and gets help. These people teach her: Jeremy Bates, Nigel Sears, and Mark Taylor.

How long have Alex De Minaur and Katie Boulter been seeing each other?

Alex de Minaur

Katie Boulter and Alex De Minaur have been together for three years. They’ve been together since 2020 when they met. Having fun and going on trips together is something they enjoy. They work out together, too.

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