Who is Rachana Choudhary’s, daughter of NTV chairman Narendra Choudhary husband?

Rachana Choudhary’s husband: Step into the dazzling world of extravagance and tradition as Hyderabad witnesses a historic union at the GMR Arena in Shamshabad.

The spotlight shines on Rachana Choudhary, daughter of NTV chairman Narendra Choudhary, and Vishnu Teja, son of Coastal Group owner Sabbineni Surendra, as they embark on a journey of love and togetherness.

Join us as we unravel the enchanting tale of Rachana and Vishnu, capturing the essence of a wedding that transcends boundaries and creates an unforgettable chapter in Hyderabad’s history.

Rachana Choudhary husband

About NTV chairman Narendra Choudhary

The first Telugu devotional station, Bhakti TV and the Telugu news channel NTV were both founded by the Indian media entrepreneur and businessman Narendra Choudary, who is now the Chairman of NTV.

He is also involved in the publishing, infrastructure development, and advertising industries as the Rachana Group of Companies chairman.

Projects like Mana Desam-Mana Geetham and Koti Deepotsavam were organized by Choudary. He is one of the Swachh Bharat ambassadors that the Indian government has nominated.

Rachana Choudhary husband

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Wedding of Rachana Choudhary & Vishnu Teja

At GMR Arena in Shamshabad, Rachana Choudhary, daughter of NTV chairman Narendra Choudhary, and Vishnu Teja, son of Coastal Group owner Sabbineni Surendra, were married.

According to Wedding Sutra, their wedding was one of the most extravagant affairs that Hyderabad had ever seen. There has never been a wedding like it in Hyderabad. This merger brought a new level of warmth and closeness to their relationship because of the long history of animosity between the Choudhary and Sabbineni families.

An opulent cultural event was staged to commemorate the wedding of Rachna and Vishnu. Pandits chanted the Vedas as part of the traditional Telugu wedding ritual. Sumant Jayakrishnan, a master of event design, transformed the picture-perfect venue for the ceremony.

Rachana Choudhary husband

The décor included fascinating details like delicate lighting designs, a pond with artificial lotus blossoms, and a profusion of fresh flowers. Tarun Tahiliani created the stunning bride’s traditional saree and diamond jewellery, while the handsome groom sported a more conventional kurta pyjama.

Joseph Radhik, a highly sought-after wedding storyteller in India, recorded every meaningful moment, from fleeting looks to profound emotions. Videographer Ravinder Reddy captured the nuptials on film. Invitations for the wedding’s star guests were exquisitely designed and cost a pretty penny.

Rachana Choudhary husband

Is it surprising that the wedding was graced by prominent leaders of the country and Tollywood celebrities, given the contents of the invitations—a Pattu Saree, Pattu Pancha, and silver and gold trinkets in a specially made box—which reflect such warmth and hospitality?

Just a few days before, the couple’s engagement party was just as spectacular, drawing A-listers from Tollywood and politics. To the engagement, Rachana wore a custom-made, sequined gown by Parisian designer Zuhair Murad, accessorized with a modest diamond necklace set.

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