Who is Marina Purkiss’s husband? Find Out the Life Partner of the Popular TV host

British left-wing political pundit Marina Purkiss rose to fame in 2022 as a regular contributor to popular news and political shows such as Good Morning Britain (ITV) and Jeremy Vine (Channel 5).

The Brexit vote in 2016 piqued Marina Purkiss’s interest in politics. Ben Purkiss is a former professional footballer and the husband of Marina Purkiss. They call London home and are parents to a single kid.


Who is Marina Purkiss?

Marina Purkiss, a British left-wing political analyst, became famous in 2022 due to her commentary on current events and politics on popular television shows such as Good Morning Britain on ITV and Jeremy Vine on Channel 5. Newspapers and social media have taken notice of her opinions.

Marina Purkis and Conservative lawmaker Jacob Rees Mogg had a high-profile chat in April 2023 that GB News covered extensively. Her statement that she would never make another appearance on GB News was an act of self-expression.

Later that week, she made her television debut as a guest on the hit news quiz show Have I Got News For You.


It was in England that Marina Purkis’s Italian parents gave birth to her. She was a native of Harrow and made an emotional appearance on the BBC website shortly after Italy’s 2002 FIFA World Cup elimination from the tournament.

Marina Purkiss has been a marketing manager for fifteen years after earning a degree in the field in 2007 from the University of Portsmouth.

In 2016, following the EU vote, Marina Purkiss commenced her political involvement by using her social media accounts to voice her opinions. In addition to hosting the “political (but funny)” show The Trawl and writing for the Byline Times, Marina Purkiss boasts over 400k followers on Twitter.

The former professional footballer Ben Purkiss and his wife, Marina Purkiss, reside in London with one child.

Who is Marina Purkiss’s husband?

Ben Purkiss is a former professional footballer and the husband of Marina Purkiss. Right back Ben Purkiss is “an athletic footballer who likes to get forward and join in,” according to Oxford boss Chris Wilder’s 2010 assessment of the player.

Marina Purkis

Do they have kids?

Newsunzip says that Marina and Ben Purkiss have a cute little boy. She and her husband revealed their pregnancy with a social media post in October 2022, featuring a snapshot of her growing baby bump.

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More About Marina Purkiss’s Spouse

Benjamin John Purkiss, an ex-professional player and current chairman of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), is married to Marina Purkiss. Ben Purkiss, a native Sheffieldite who came up through the ranks at Sheffield United, made it into the first team in 2003–04.

After falling short of Sheffield United’s first team in 2003, Ben Purkiss signed for Gainsborough Trinity. He stayed for four years before gaining a 2007 transfer to York City.

The Conference Premier Play-off Final in 2010 and the 2009 FA Trophy Final featured him and York, but unfortunately, York lost both times.

Marina Purkis

After signing with Oxford United in May of 2010, he spent a season on loan to Darlington before being granted permission to join Hereford United in January 2012.

Marina Purkiss spent three years with Walsall, joining the club in August of that year. The 2015 Football League Trophy final was one of her highlights during her time there.

He became a member of Port Vale in June 2015 and was made acting captain the year after that. In June 2017, he relocated to Swindon Town.

In October 2018, he came back to Walsall. The PFA elected him president in November 2017. For four years, he was in this role.

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