Is Angela Rippon married? Know More About the Love Life of Angela Rippon

A legend in the world of broadcasting, Angela Rippon is from Plymouth. In the past few weeks, her amazing high kicks and smooth moves have left thousands of BBC Strictly Come Dancing fans “in tears.”

She talks a lot about her life so many people may be curious about her home life and family. In the years since her husband left her for another woman in the 1980s, Angela has been happy and fulfilled as a single person. She is not married at the moment.

Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon: Is she married?

Chris Dare, an engineer, married Angela Rippon when she was 22 years old in 1967. But they broke up in 1989 and later got a divorce. They didn’t have any kids together. Angela Rippon hasn’t  married again since then and has said she’s happy being single, as per reports of Mirror.

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Angela Rippon

How did Angela Rippon and Christopher Dare meet?

Chris Dare and Angela Rippon met at a YMCA dance when she was 17. They fell in love and married in 1967 when Angela was 22. They lived together in a cute house from the 1600s that was right on the edge of Dartmoor’s moorlands. But they broke up in 1989 and later got a divorce.

Angela Rippon

Do Angela Rippon have kids?

Angela Rippon doesn’t have any kids of her own. Christopher Dare and she were married from 1967 until they split up in 1989. They never had any kids together.

Did Angela Rippon get married again after her split from Christopher Dare?

Since her split from Christopher Dare, Angela Rippon has not married again. As of 2023, she wasn’t married and was happy with being single, saying, “I’ve discovered I’m very happy being single.” I think it hurts when your heart is broken, and I don’t want to go through that again.

Angela Rippon

Current relationship status of Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon is not in a relationship at the moment. Since her split from Christopher Dare in 1989, she hasn’t gotten married again and has said she’s happy being single.

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