What happened to Steve Wozniak? Investigating the Recent Health Crisis of Apple Co-Founder

In recent developments, concerns have arisen regarding the health of Steve Wozniak, the renowned co-founder of Apple Inc. Reports suggest unexpected changes in his well-being, prompting speculation and curiosity among fans and the tech community.

This article delves into the sudden health developments concerning Steve Wozniak, seeking to provide insights into the nature of the situation, any official statements, and the impact on his personal and professional life.

As the tech world holds its breath, join us in examining the unfolding events surrounding Wozniak’s health, hoping for a swift recovery for the influential mind behind Apple’s early innovations.

Steve Wozniak

Who is Steve Wozniak?

Steven Gary Wozniak is an American tech businessman, creator, philanthropist, and computer scientist born on August 11, 1950. His full name is Stephen Gary Wozniak. He is best known for helping to start Apple Inc. with Steve Jobs in Jobs’ garage in 1976.

Wozniak is known for designing Apple’s first products, the Apple I and II, which changed how people used computers. Apple later became the most valuable business in the world.

He was born in San Jose, California, and attended the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of California, Berkeley. He dropped out of college to focus on math and electronics, his hobbies. His invention, the “Blue Box,” let him and Jobs hack into the phone network and make long-distance calls for free in 1971.

Steve Wozniak

They then started selling it to other students. On November 9, 2023, Steve Wozniak had a minor stroke while he was in Mexico City for the World Business Forum. He was taken to the hospital and had an MRI, which showed how bad the stroke was. Now that Wozniak is no longer in the hospital, he is returning to the United States.

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What happened to Steve Wozniak?

NBC News say that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc., was taken to the hospital in Mexico City on November 9, 2023, after having a “health problem” at the World Business Forum. He was supposed to talk at the conference, but he had a “minor but real stroke” before the event.

When Wozniak passed out a few minutes before his planned appearance at 3 p.m. local time, he was taken to the hospital. He had an MRI, which showed how bad the stroke was. Wozniak is leaving the hospital and returning to the United States by plane.

Steve Wozniak

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What made Steve Wozniak need to go to the hospital?

It’s unclear why Steve Wozniak had to go to the hospital. TMZ says that after Wozniak’s speech at the World Business Forum in Mexico City, he told his wife Janet Hill that he was “feeling strange.” He went to the hospital because Janet told him to. TMZ says Wozniak was taken to the hospital because he “seems to be experiencing vertigo.”

Reuters, on the other hand, says Wozniak may have had a stroke and was then taken to a hospital in Mexico. A person from the World Business Forum who did not want to be named said that Wozniak passed out at the event on Wednesday, just minutes before he was supposed to speak. Wozniak was taken to the ABC Santa Fe hospital in the capital because he allegedly needed an MRI immediately.

Wozniak said he felt dizzy Wednesday morning and then had vertigo before going to the hospital, where an MRI showed he had a “minor but real stroke.”

Steve Wozniak


The recent developments regarding Steve Wozniak’s health have undoubtedly stirred concern among his admirers and the tech community at large. As we await further updates on his condition, our collective hopes and well-wishes go out to this iconic figure in the world of technology.

Steve Wozniak’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of innovation, and his well-being is of paramount importance to us all. Here’s to a swift and complete recovery for Steve Wozniak, wishing him strength and resilience during this challenging time. May he soon return to good health, continuing to inspire and influence generations with his pioneering spirit.

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