Drew Scott Illness: What Happened to the Famous TV Personality? Is He still alive or dead?

The report that Drew Scott has died is going around the internet and has caught a lot of people’s attention. That’s right, we want to end this fake news and let everyone know that Drew Scott is still alive.

This false information has been going around for a few days and has come from unknown people who want to get people’s attention and participation. Drew’s team and the Scott family have asked everyone not to spread this false story.

Who is Drew Scott?

Drew Scott is a well-known Canadian TV host and real estate expert who is excellent at improving homes and investing in real estate. People know Drew Scott and his twin brother Jonathan Scott as the “Property Brothers.”

They were both born on April 28, 1978. Their famous TV show is about two charming brothers who help people find, buy, and fix up run-down homes so they can become their dream homes.

Drew Scott

Drew is a well-known name in home improvement and entertainment thanks to his skill and energy on screen. Drew also writes books and helps people in need. Drew Scott’s love for design and real estate has captivated people worldwide.

Is Drew Scott still alive or dead?

According to The Shahab, There is fake news on the internet that Drew Scott has died, but his family has stated that he is still alive and well. They are asking everyone to stop sharing this false rumour. As for Drew Scott’s health, he is currently doing very well and hasn’t been sick.

Drew Scott

In the past, though, he had a strange illness that made him sick to his stomach, which made people worry that he might have been poisoned by mercury. Thank goodness, he has since gotten better from this health problem.

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Drew Scott’s Health

Although he was in the Property Brothers, Drew Scott never got sick while they were together. His bigger brother, JD Scott, was the one who had to take care of his health issues. In 2019, JD said that he was sick with an unknown illness, though at the time, no one knew the exact diagnosis.

Drew Scott

After saying that, he said that he had a stomach problem and also noted that mercury poisoning might have been the cause of his symptoms. By 2020, JD had been able to get care and had made a lot of progress toward recovery, even though it wasn’t clear what caused his illness.

JD kept appearing on Drew and Jonathan’s shows while working on his projects to lead, write for, and produce those shows. While this happened, Drew and Jonathan continued to help JD with his health problems. It is essential to keep in mind that the information we have seen does not suggest that Drew Scott is having any serious health problems that are hurting him.

Drew Scott’s Disease

Among the heir brothers, Drew Scott, none of his health problems are terrible. It was his older brother, JD Scott, who was having health problems. JD.com reported in 2019 that he was sick with an unknown illness, but the exact diagnosis had not been known before.

Drew Scott


Drew Scott, the Canadian TV host and real estate expert, is still alive and well. The Real Estate Hall of Fame has made him a member. A lie that has been going around the internet for a few days about him having died has been unmasked.

Drew Scott and his twin brother Jonathan Scott became famous as the “Property Brothers” because of their popular TV show about fixing up and improving homes. Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott are twins.

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