Theeppori Benny OTT Release Date: When and where to watch Arjun Ashokan Starrer Film Digitally?

This year, the upcoming political comedy Theeppori Benny will give Malayalam actor Arjun Ashokan another chance to win. The actor has been in movies like Pranaya Vilasam and Romancham. He will be playing the lead role in Theppori Benny with Jagadeesh. The film is directed by Raajesh Mohan and Joji Thomas.

Femina George from Minnal Murali, Sudheesh, and Akhil Vishnu also play essential parts in the movie. By the way, Raajesh and Joji, the film’s directors, had worked together before on Biju Menon’s Vellimoonga, but as assistant directors and scriptwriters, respectively.

Theeppori Benny

Theeppori Benny OTT Release Date

The movie in Malayalam is set to come out in theatres on September 22. We’ve heard that the film’s OTT rights have yet to be sold. The people who made the movie hope that the mix of family drama and political humour will be enough to get people to the theatres in Kerala this week when many small movies are coming out.

Storyline of Theeppori Benny

It tells the story of Benny, a young man who strongly believes in communism and wants to change the world. In order to reach his goals, he finally gets involved in politics. The rest of the story shows what happens next. It looks more like a comedy-drama with a father-son relationship as a side story. It also looks at things like friendship, love, and family ties.

Theeppori Benny

Cast and Crew of Theeppori Benny

Writing and directing Theeppori Benny are Raajesh Mohan and Joji Thomas, also known as the filmmaker team. The lead actors in Theepori Benny are Arjun Ashokan and Jagadish. The movie was created by Shebin Bakker through his company, Shebin Backer Productions.

Famed Minnal Murali Femina George played the central female role, and TG Ravi, Prem Prakash, and Nisha Sarang played essential roles. Sreerag Saji wrote the music for the mixed-genre movie.

Budget for Theeppoori Benny

The lead part in the movie “Theeppori Benny” is played by Arjun Ashokan. Jagadish, Shaju Sreedhar, TG Ravi, Santhosh Keezhattoor, Prem Prakash, Raffi, Srikant Murali, and Nisha Sarangh play essential parts in the movie.

Femina George, known for her role in “Minnal Murali,” is also in it. This comedy-thriller-drama came out in cinemas on September 21, 2023, and cost about 3 crore rupees to make.

Theeppori Benny

Review of Theeppori Benny

According to sources on Twitter, people who saw the movie had a range of reactions. Many said the film was like Joji Thomas’s “Velli Moonga.” On the other hand, Arjun Ashokan made people go crazy with his mind-blowing performance in the movie. The actor Jagadish did a great job in the movie theatre. Because the story was so simple, it didn’t make people think or feel anything exciting.

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Is it a Hit or Flop?

A comedy called “Theeppori Benny,” which starred Arjun Ashokan and was directed by Raajesh Mohan and Joji Thomas, has finally come out in theatres. There were a lot of different types of people who liked this comedy-drama, as shown by its early box office numbers.

Some people liked how Arjun Ashokan played the role in the movie. But some people have said bad things about the dialogue, direction, plot, and screenplay. All the news shows that the film did pretty well at the box office.

Theeppori Benny

Theeppori Benny Box Office collection Day-wise

Day 1 Rs. 0.20 cr
Day 2 Rs. 0.22 cr
Day 3 Rs. 0.23 cr
Day 4 Rs. 0.10 cr
Day 5 Rs.0.08 cr
Day 6 Rs. 0.9 cr
Day 7 Rs. 0.5 cr
Total Rs.0.97 cr

Theeppori Benny Box Office collection summary

Opening Day ₹ 0.13 cr
End of Opening Weekend Rs.0.65 cr
End of Week 1 Rs.0.97 cr
Total Collection Rs.0.97 cr

Theeppori Benny Official Trailer

Theeppori Benny - Official Trailer | Arjun Ashokan | Femina George | Raajesh Joji | Shebin Backer

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