Gen V Season 2 Release Date Updates: Is another season happening?

There was a bloody end to Gen V’s first season, but that doesn’t mean the story of the students of God U is over. But since the season is over, it’s time to think about what will happen next with The Boys’ first separate show.

Thank goodness we already know some of the most essential things about Gen V’s second season, but we still need to find out more. How much do we know about Gen V season 2? Here are some things we still need to know.

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Gen V has been picked up for a second season

Amazon renewed the hit The Boys sequel Gen V for a second season on October 19, 2023, which means there will be a season 2. The show was a hit for Amazon, as shown by the fact that it was renewed for a second season before the season finale on November 8. The following comment was made by Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, to explain why it was easy to give Gen V season 2 the green light:

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When will Gen V Season 2 be released?

Since Amazon didn’t say when season 2 would be out, there must be a clear word on when it might come out. Still, it won’t happen until at least 2025. This is because Amazon usually waits a year between the first and second seasons of its shows, and season four of The Boys is set to come out in 2024.

Who will be back for Gen V season 2?

Even though there were a lot of broken bones, headshots, and bloody limbs in Gen V season one, not many important people died. We can expect the following characters to return:

Gen V

  • • Marie Moreau, played by Jaz Sinclair
  • • Emma Shaw, played by Lizze Broadway
  • • London Thor and Derek Luh as Jordan
  • • Andre Anderson, played by Chance Perdomo
  • • Cate Dunlap, played by Maddie Phillips
  • Asa Germann plays Sam Riordan.
  • • Sean Patrick Thomas as The Black Panther

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What will happen in Gen V season 2?

There were hints at the end of Gen V about what will happen when the show returns. Marie, Andre, Jordan, and Little Cricket were locked up in a secure cell by Vought at the end of Gen V season 2. The news blamed them for what Sam and Cate did.

But Little Cricket can be seen drinking a fruit shake, and the group doesn’t seem upset when Marie comes around. Since they don’t seem to be in trouble, Vought must have plans for them in Gen V season 2. It also means that Godolkin University might not be the setting for the next season of Gen V.

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In the last episode of Gen V season 1, Homelander showed up out of the blue, just as Marie had blown up Cate’s arm and stopped the rebel Supes she had set free. Before the scene went black, Homelander looked like he was about to use his laser vision to kill Marie.

He is then seen grinning at TV news reports that say Sam and Cate are the new “Guardians of God U” who stopped Marie, Jordan, Little Cricket, and Andre.

It is clear that he had something to do with what happened right after, and Marie ended up in a Vought facility. But we will know what happened or how Marie avoided Homelander’s laser vision when Gen V season 2 returns.

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Is there a Gen V season 2 trailer?

No, not yet! This page will be changed as soon as it comes out.

Where can you watch Gen V?

You can now watch Gen V on Amazon Prime Video. You can now watch seasons 1–3 of The Boys. You can try Amazon Prime Video for free for 30 days.

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