Itchko Ezratti Net Worth in 2023: How Rich Is The Founder of GL Homes of Florida?

In the real estate business, Itchko Ezratti is a well-known figure, the founder of GL Homes of Florida. Ezratti, born on October 14, 1952, has made a name for himself in the industry by being smart about business, looking to the future, and being dedicated to quality.

He is also solid in his personal life; he is married to Anna Ezratti, and they are pleased together. Read on to find more on the net worth of the real estate businessperson.

Itchko Ezratti Net Worth in 2023

Itchko Ezratti has made much money in the Florida real estate business. SuperYactFan says that his huge net worth of $1 billion shows how good he is at the company and how long-lasting the success of GL Homes of Florida is.

Itchko Ezratti

More About Itchko Ezratti

Itchko Ezratti is a billionaire and the founder of GL Homes of Florida, one of the largest homebuilders in Florida. He was born on October 14, 1952, and resides in Miami, USA. Itchko Ezratti owns a luxury yacht named AVANTI, which was built by the renowned Dutch shipbuilder Amels in 2022.

The yacht is 74m (243ft) long, can accommodate 12 guests and 19 crew members, and has a volume of 1,790 tons. Its estimated price is $100 million, with an annual running cost of $11 million. Itchko Ezratti’s net worth is $1 billion, and he is married to Anna Ezratti, with two children, Misha Ezratti and Maya Ezratti.

Itchko Ezratti

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Home of Itchko Ezratti

He lives in Miami with his wife, Anna. Miami is a lively, worldly city in southeastern Florida. It’s famous for its wide range of cultures, beautiful beaches, and bustling arts scene.

People worldwide know it for its unique Art Deco buildings, especially in the South Beach area. The busy nightlife on Ocean Drive and the performing arts at the Adrienne Arsht Center make Miami a great place to have fun.

Itchko Ezratti

Also, the city is a gateway to Latin America, bringing in immigrants and international companies. Also, Miami’s tropical monsoon environment makes it possible to be outside all year, which makes it a popular tourist spot.

The Yacht of Itchko Ezratti

He owns the Amels boat AVANTI. The well-known Dutch shipbuilder Amels made the boat AVANTI in 2022. It shows off Tim Heywood Design’s design skills.

Itchko Ezratti

The yacht has room for 12 people and a crew of 19. It has high-end amenities and an unforgettable sailing experience. Because it has strong Caterpillar engines, the AVANTI can go as fast as 17 knots and cruise at 12 knots.

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