Johnny Knoxville’s Net Worth in 2023: Income and Earning of ‘Jackass’ Star!

Johnny Knoxville is an American from Knoxville who acts, produces movies, writes scripts, plays comedic roles, and does stunts. It is mainly known that he helped make and starred in the three seasons of the MTV reality stunt show “Jackass” from 2000 to 2002.

Johnny Knoxville’s Net Worth in 2023

Johnny Knoxville is an American who makes movies, writes scripts, acts, does stunts, and is funny. According to Celebrity Net worth, He is worth $50 million. He is best known for creating the MTV reality show Jackass and being in it.

Throughout his career, Knoxville has worked hard to succeed and made a name for himself in the entertainment business. In addition to doing stunts for a living, he has acted in many movies and is currently producing and writing films.

Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville Career

Knoxville had a hard time at the beginning of his work. Getting good acting jobs was hard for him, so he did commercials and worked as an extra. Another thing he did to make extra money was send magazine editors ideas for articles.

He once thought of the idea of trying self-defence devices on himself while he was writing an article. Jeff Tremaine, the skateboarding magazine “Big Brother,” editor liked this idea and told Johnny to record it for stories.

Spike Jonze, a friend of Tremaine’s and a director, chose to make a show based on this video. They would be responsible for producing the front along with Jonze, Tremaine, and Johnny.

Johnny Knoxville

They made a deal with MTV, and “Jackass” was born. The station had a reality show from 2000 to 2002. It showed people doing dangerous stunts and pranks. In 2007, a DVD called “Jackass 2.5” came out. It had stunts that had never been seen before, cut scenes, and pictures of the group.

“Jackass 3D,” the third movie in the Jackass series, came out in 2010.

What Johnny Knoxville does to invest

With his net worth of about $90 million from the success of the Jackass series, Johnny Knoxville put it into real estate, old cars, entertainment, and charitable work.

Johnny Knoxville

The South Doyle High School graduate has homes in both Brentwood and Hollywood. He also collects classic cars and funds charities like the American Red Cross and the Shane McConkey Foundation. Any young person who wants to succeed should look up to him.

Johnny Knoxville Real Estate

Because he invested wisely in real estate, Johnny Knoxville is one of the world’s most famous and wealthy actors, film producers, voice actors, and professional wrestlers.

The American star bought a couple of homes, including a mansion in Brentwood, California, for $6.5 million. This shows that he is a good investor. He also has a house in the Hollywood Hills.

Johnny Knoxville Car Collection

Johnny Knoxville’s fantastic collection of luxury cars, which includes both old and new models, is a big part of how much money he has.

Car Model Estimated Value
Audi Q5 $41,500
1981 Lincoln Continental $15,000
1965 Mustang $45,000
1970 Eldorado $30,000
Aston Martin $143,000
Jaguar $100,000
Mercedes $150,000
Porsche 911 Turbo S $210,000
1970 Cadillac $7,000


Johnny Knoxville

Folks who can may want to put their money into old cars. Unlike stocks and shares, cars are real things whose value is based on things like how rare they are, how old they are, and how good their condition is. Investing in a luxury car requires studying and making intelligent decisions.

Johnny Knoxville Entertainment Related investments

Philip John Clapp was always good at being in the entertainment business, as you can see from his acting jobs. He got hooked on playing in the early 1990s. He changed his last name to the name of his hometown and started making money by writing for magazines like Big Brother and appearing in TV ads.

Not long after that, Knoxville did a job for MTV’s Jackass, which ran for three seasons and became a hit. After that, Johnny became an independent writer and pitched his ideas to magazines and videos.

That’s when Johnny Knoxville’s wealth grew. Johnny owned the rights to his TV ads and print articles. Even though he was trying to become an actor, he made sure to keep the Jackass name living.

Johnny Knoxville makes a lot of money investing in show business. Along with his Jackass team, he started Dickhouse Productions, which produced the original TV show, three movies, and spin-off shows.

Johnny Knoxville

Knoxville also put money into WCW and other Dickhouse shows like Ridiculousness, Fantasy Factory, Nitro Circus, and Loiter Squad. They even put on a pay-per-view event for WCW.

Putting money into the entertainment business has paid off handsomely for Johnny Knoxville. In 2014, he made deals with Paramount Pictures and ABC for two years of first-look rights for his production business, Hello Junior. The deal with Paramount Pictures made more than $336 million around the world from the Jackass movies and their joint project, Bad Grandpa and Wildboyz.

Also, in 2014, ABC saw Knoxville’s promise as an investor and ordered a Southern family comedy show based on his life. The show was produced by 3 Arts and had a script plus a penalty commitment. Knoxville’s investments have paid off, and Dickhouse Productions is known for its unique slapstick prank humour.

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Johnny Knoxville is an actor whose show “Jackass” changed the way reality TV entertainment is made. The stuntman cum comedian became known after the show’s success and was soon asked to appear on other fronts. Johnny Knoxville’s net worth is around $50 million as of November 2023.

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