Nupur Shikhare Net Worth in 2024: Earning of Aamir Khan’s Son-in-Law!

Ira Khan, daughter of Aamir Khan and Reena Dutta, married fitness expert Nupur Shikhare in a small ceremony on January 3, 2024. Aamir, his ex-wives Reena Dutta and Kiran Rao, and other close family members attended the private event. After the wedding, there was a party at the same hotel.

In his 30s, Nupur was seen running in athleisure from his home in Santacruz to the venue before the wedding. Afterwards, he joined friends in a lively dance to dhol beats outside the venue to add a festive touch.

Also, the big wedding is reported to take place in Udaipur, and the fun will begin on January 7. Here, we’ll talk about Nupur Shikhare in more depth.

Nupur Shikhare

What is Nupur Shikhare?

As Aamir Khan’s son-in-law, Nupur Shikhare is more than a pretty face. He is also a famous fitness coach, consultant, and successful athlete. Nupur Shikhare was born in Pune on October 17, 1985. After that, he went to school in Mumbai.

They met in 2019 while Shikhare was teaching the famous actor Aamir Khan. This is where their love story began. Many tapes of Ira and Nupur leaving the gym together show how they met and became so close.

Nupur Shikhare asked Ira Khan to marry him during a race in September 2022, and they sealed the deal with a kiss. Ira shared a surprise video on social media about the engagement, which made it public.

Nupur Shikhare

Nupur Shikhare Net Worth in 2024

Nupur Shikhare has worked with well-known people like Rana Daggubati, Aamir Khan, Sushmita Sen, and Pulkit Samrat. GQ says his projected net worth of INR 8.2 crore shows his success in the business.

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Career Path of Nupur Shikhare

Nupur Shikhare has made a big difference in the fitness industry as a well-known Indian fitness teacher, businesswoman, and influencer. His career started with a love of sports and fitness, leading him to start his own fitness business, Shikhare Fitness.

Nupur Shikhare

He is known for being an expert in training and diet, and his transformative training methods and personalized approach have helped him build a strong reputation. Besides working in the fitness industry, Nupur Shikhare has also shown versatility in movies and reality shows.

Nupur Shikhare

He represented India in the 2017 Netflix show “Ultimate Beastmaster” and was a fight master for the Disney India musical “Aladdin – Experience The Magic.” Nupur Shikhare was born in Pune, Maharashtra, on October 17, 1985. He has also shown off his dancing skills.

His mother is a famous Kathak dancer, and Nupur learned the art from her. Aamir Khan, Sushmita Sen, Pulkit Samrat, and Rana Daggubati are notable people who have hired him. Nupur Shikhare has done well in the fitness business, as shown by his net worth and portfolio.

Nupur Shikhare

He is also known as a famous fitness coach. His work path shows how much he wants to promote fitness and overall health, encouraging and empowering people to put their health first and reach their full potential.

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