Caleb Willingham Cause of Death: What Actually happened to ‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Star Tammy Slaton’s Husband?

Caleb Willingham, Tammy Slaton’s husband, died on June 30 at the age of 40. It was a terrible loss. The two people met at a centre for weight loss, and the TLC show 1000-Lb Sisters showed their friendship. Soon after her husband died, Tammy put out a statement in which she said she was “devastated” by his death.

caleb willingham cause of death

What Happened to Caleb Willingham?

Caleb died on June 30, 2023, but no one knows why. In a heartbreaking statement to PEOPLE, Tammy revealed that her husband had died. Caleb Willingham from 1000-Lb Sisters died. How did that happen?

“All indications showed to be a natural death caused by a medical issue,” according to a police report that Radar Online got. The public has not yet seen the autopsy. The investigation was “concluded” by the police after they found “no signs of criminal activity or foul play.”

Caleb Willingham

According to the story, first responders were with Caleb when he passed out. Even though paramedics tried CPR at the scene, they were not able to save his life. The report said that Caleb’s death was “turned over” to the Sandusky County Coroner’s office because emergency workers couldn’t reach his doctor at the time of his death.

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What was wrong with Caleb Willingham’s health before he died?

Caleb had a lot of problems with being overweight his whole life, just like his wife. In November 2021, they met at a rehab centre where they were both getting help for food addiction.

Caleb had been at the treatment centre for more than a year at that point, but Tammy said on a TLC show that he didn’t leave his room very often before they met because of “health issues.”

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Caleb said in a confessional on the show, “I’ve always been a bigger guy, and that’s because I’ve always had a sweet tooth.” He also said that sugary foods have “always been a weakness, especially when I’m stressed.” He said he gained weight after his mother died when he was 17.

Caleb lost more than 200 pounds while he was in rehab. He weighed about 480 pounds when he got out in early 2023.

Are Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham married?

They got married on November 19, 2022. Tammy Slaton was in “1000-lb Sisters” and Caleb Willingham. Some people said that Tammy and Caleb were not formally married.

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After hearing the rumours, Tammy recently went on social media to say she was officially married to Caleb. Tammy told a fan “Yes” to their question in a TikTok video. The law said I was married.

“Now he has died,” she added. Tammy showed off her wedding ring to the cameras and said, “I’m still wearing his wedding ring.”

About Caleb Willingham

Caleb Willingham was married to Tammy Slaton, who was on the television show “1000-Lb. Sisters.” He died on June 30, 2023. He was 40 years old. The official reason for his death has not been made public, but it is thought to have been a natural death due to a health problem.

caleb willingham cause of death4

Caleb was getting help for his weight at the Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Ohio, where Tammy met him. They married in November 2022, and the show showed footage of the event. In a statement to People, Tammy revealed that Caleb had died. She said that he was her best friend and that she loved him very much.

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