Are Austin and Dee from ‘Survivor 45’ still dating? Relationship status Revealed

The only show of the season that went on. If you’ve seen every reality show episode, you may be wondering if Austin and Dee are still together after Survivor 45. The epic and crazy three-hour finale had three immunity wins, and Dee Valladares got the last one.

The game was between Dee and Austin Li Coon and Jake O’Kane. Dee won by a vote of 5–3. Their relationship has been pretty chill on-screen, but Dee and Austin talked about how they’re still together months after fighting on the island.

Check to see if Dee and Austin are still together after Survivor 2023.

Relationship status

Are Austin and Dee from ‘Survivor 45’ still together?

According to Betches, In short, yes. They are “taking things slow” because she is in Miami, and he is in Chicago. Dee said on Jeff’s On Fire podcast on December 20 that her relationship with Austin was just a showmance but would continue after the end. But for now, they’re trying to hide it.

Dee came home rich and with a boyfriend, right? It sounds like a good season. She is reticent about it when the media asks for more information. During their time on the show, Dee and Austin often flirted with each other. In episode 12, they even tried to get together romantically.

Even so, since there is no proof, we will have to wait and see how their friendship changes now that the show is over. There may be no solid news because CBS makes contestants sign a deal not to talk about their time on the show until they win.

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When did Survivor’s Dee and Austin start going out together?

Throughout the season, they became romantically involved. They tried very hard to keep it a secret, but everyone (including the cast) knew it was real.

They’d hold hands, hug, and cuddle; without saying it out loud, they were telling each other they loved each other. Remember when Austin took Dee on his helicopter prize date and invited Katurah? She just sat there and watched the whole thing, lol.

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Dee and Austin were first and foremost members of the Reba Four’s partnership. They did everything they could to hide how they felt about each other until the end.

In the end, Dee beat him by a vote of 5 to 3. Also, Jake was there. He got third place with a score of 0, but we are SO proud of you, honey!!!!

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