Barack Obama net worth

Barack Obama net worth, What is Barack Obama net worth in 2020?

Barack Obama Net worth in 2020 is $70 million. From 2005 to 2016, The main source of his earnings was from his two fascinating books. Barack Obama’s net worth as of 2016 was $21 million. After the leaving the presidency, by 2020, his wealth grew by 3 time.

Barack Obama net worth, What is Barack Obama net worth in 2020?

Earning Source

  • Books
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • Annual Pension
  • Seminar Speech
  • Teaching
  • Netflix
  • Movies
  • Investment

What was Barack Obama net worth before the presidency ?

According to money magazine, After Tax returns, Barack Obama net worth was $5.5 million. In 2010 Obama donated 14% of his income to a non profit organization. This amount was for the elderly who were physically injured and poor. Those who did not have enough money to get treatment. After the getting help, his treatment started under the supervision of good doctors. 

What is net worth and how is it calculated ?

To calculate the income of a person, Estimating his total Assets and the remaining that are left after taking out the loan taken by him are called net worth. 

Barack Obama net worth in 2012

In 2012, Barack Obama net worth of $8000000. Obama himself give this information after paying tax. He also stated that the amount of $10 lakh is in JP Morgan Chase. Obama took loan of $5 million for a house in Chicago. Whose interest rate was 5.25%. The term of the loan was for 30 years. By 2012, The bulk of the loan amount had been repaid. 

According to Chicago Tribune information, in 2009, Obama had a debit of $1.5 million. His maximum net worth at the time was $10 million. According to politico magazine in 2011, Morgan Chase did not have more than $ 2.5  million funds. In 2010 assets worth $21 million where acquired from book royalties.

Barack Obama net worth in 2018

According to Forbes magazine, Barack Obama had net worth  $40 million as of 2018. After leaving the presidency, he was liked a lot. In many countries, demand for Obama’s speech books, teaching, started increasing. Contracts were started from countries like Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Barack Obama and Michelle received take contract from Amazon for $65 million in 2018. It also included autobiography and other books.

 worth in 2018

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Barack Obama biography

What is Barack Obama Biography ?

Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama. His father Barack Obama senior was a citizen of African Muslim descant. He lived in Kenya by grazing goats. Barack Obama Sen..  got scholarship from time to time and come to USA by air travel to his dream.

He met Ann Dunham in USA. She was a white Christian American. Both married and as their offspring, Barack Hussein Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu. Barack Obama senior does not have good relationship with his wife. And in 1964 the two separated by diverse.

In1965, Ann Dunham got second marred to Lolo Soetoro. He was a citizen of Indonesian origin. Barack, Ann Dunham and Soetoro settled in Indonesia as soon as their studies were completed. Obama lived in Indonesia until about 9 years old. He continued to studyin the local language for 2 years. Obama’s mother gave birth to her half-sister Maya.

Barack Obama net worth in College Life

Barack Obama net worth in college life was nothing. For better education, Ann Dunham returned to her parents home in the USA with Obama. While staying near his maternal grandfathers, Barack took admission in the stream Academy. But his days were filled with difficulties. 

Barack Obama net worth in College Life

He had only three black children in his class. Being black, people discriminated against them a lot. When Obama talking about his college life in his later life, so they told that, sometimes he would stand in front of the mirror and see what it was like. Which is wrong with me. And why do people mistreat me?

Obama saw his father only once after his parents separated. Obama’s father died in an accident on 24 November 1982. He had also lost his job before his death. Because earlier he had lost both his legs in the accident. Obama took admission in Los Angeles college After some time he was transferred to Columbia university New York. From there he obtained a degree in Political Science. 

After this he worked in the business sector for 2 years. Then moved to Chicago in 1985. There he served as a community organizer. Obama joined Harvard School there. After sometime Obama joynet Law Firm, there he meet Mitchell Robinson,himself a lawyer, their love life started from their.

 Barack Obama net worth, when first American African editor

Barack Obama net worth, when first American African editor a little bit. Obama was elected the first American African editor in February 1990. He graduated from Harvard University in 1991. After law college, He joint a firm in Chicago to practice civil rights law.There, he started teaching children at Law college in the University of Chicago.

 He continued to teach as a lecturer gradually from 1992 to 2004 and later became a professor. 

Barack and Michelle were married on 3 October 1992 and later moved to Cannabis. Shortly after the wedding, Obama had two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Barack Obama Political career

 As a lawyer, Obama watch inspired to enter politics, and contested the election of state Senator in 1996, and won in that. In 2004, Obama contested the US Senator and won it as well.

Given his popularity, the democratic party fielded Barack in the the 2008 presidential election, Obama gets Republican candidate John McCain by a huge margin of votes. Barack Obama America’s first Black African  American President. Due to his brilliant work, in 2012 also the democratic party made Obama the presidential candidate and he won by a huge vote.

Terrorist attack on America

America will always remember the action that, Obama took in response to the 9/11  attack, the biggest terrorist attack on America. When the  chief of Al-Qaeda with the help of us Navy Seal commandos in Abbottabad inside Pakistan,To kill Osama Bin Laden, and carried out the operation at night.  Osama Bin Laden was killed in the operation. So, in 2009, Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel prize for Peace of international cooperation.


 Barack Obama Books

 Barack Obama Books

1. Dream from my father –  Story of race and inheritance

 Obama published his autobiography in 1995. He was highly praised because of his book. This book was published in 25 languages and later its Second Edition was published in 2004. The audio album of this book was also launched which was narrated by Barack Obama himself. It also received a Grammy award.

2. The audacity of hope

The vision about his America were written in this book. In a short time, this book became the best selling book on the Amazon and New York Times.

Barack Obama Popularity

 Even today people honor him like a President. There were to be Presidential elections in France after Obama left the presidency. So, the people of France prepared a petition. In which, The people there wanted to make Barack Obama the president of France. But, Obama did not accept it.

Barack Obama affected

Obama was most affected by 3 people in his life. 

  1. Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Martin Luther King

Barack always kept a small statue of Hanuman in his pocket. They get inspiration from them. He feels frustrated when tired. In addition to this he was Rosary beads given by Pope Francis in his pocket, small statue of Lord Buddha given by a Buddhist monk, silver poker coin,  and always have a coptic cross.

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