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What is Donald Trump Biography ?

Donald John Trump is currently the 45th President of the United States. He took office on 20 January 2017 after winning the election. He is also a real estate developer and businessman.

Trump was not related to any political house. He owned Golf Course,casino, Hotel, residential properties in New York. Trump believe in Christianity.

He also used to do TV serial program before becoming president. Donald Trump one of those who do not give up. Trump developed famous hotel in New York city in a very beautiful way.

Donald Trump is also famous in the word with his outrageous speeches. Another famous building of Trump is the Trump Tower which is 72 floors.

Early life – Main topic of Donald Trump Biography

What is Donald Trump age ?

Trump’s full name is Donald John Trump. He was born on 14 june 1946 in Queens, New York city. His early life was spent in Queens. Trump is currently 74 year old. He had a glimpse of talent from birth. Initially he was very naughty . And used to do mischief even while studying. So, his father sent him to military school to study at the age of 13.

He improved a lot by going to military school in New York. There he adopted Military methods, and paid special attention to cleanliness. Before receiving his undergraduate education in 1964, He became a superstar athlete, socially, politically and academically well groomed.

New York Military Academy

What is Donald Trump education history ?

The New York Military academy is the oldest military school in the United States. But from 1975, girls can also enroll in it. The school is located in Cornwall, 97 kilometers north of New York.

         Donald Trump – New York Military Academy 

Donald Trump attended this school at the age of 13. Trump was active because of strict military school rules. So, Along with education, he had knowledge of becoming an athlete, social worker, student leader and actor.

His father has real estate business. He used to work with his father on holiday. Therefore, Trump had gained a good knowledge of his father’s business.

Education in graduation

After received his education from the Military Academy, He joined the Fordham University in 1964. And studied for two years. After that, he was transferred to the Wharton school of finance of Pennsylvania University. In 1968,he obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics from there.

Brother and Sister

Donald Trump was a total five brother and sisters. Trump was the forth child among them. Fread Trump was his elder brother and Robert Trump was the younger brother of Donald trump. His sister’s name was Maryanne Trump Barry and Elizabeth Trump Grau.

Robert Trump spent his time in family companies and took care of the family. Elizabeth is currently a retirement Banker. She married Jems Gray. He is a filmmaker.


Who was Donald Trump parents ?


Trump’s father’s name was Frederick Trump. He was a real estate developer and builder. He had special knowledge in this work. So, his source of income was also good. Frederick Trump died in 1999.


Donald Trump mother name was Mary Anne Macleod. She immigrated from Tong Scotland in 1929. She then married Frederick Trump. Fred was busy with his work. As soon as the family’s wealth started growing, Mary became a social worker and philanthropist. His mother died in 2000, one year after his father’s death.

Donald Trump wives

Ivana Trump

What is Donald Trump Wife age ?

Trump’s first wife was named Ivana Marie Trump. His born on February 1949. She is currently 71 years old. They had three children. Donald Trump jr.. ,Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Ivana Trump was a model of New York. Ivana first married Nee Zelnickova Wimklmayr. She married Donald Trump in 1977 after her divorce.

Ivana Trump at the Life Ball 2009 in Vienna

She was a substitute at the 1972 Czech Olympic as a team. Ivana was inducted the Trump Organization as the chairman in charge of Fashion Design. She played the lead role overseeing the Plaza Hotel. Ivana and Donald Trump divorced in 1972.

Marla Maples

Marla maples was an  American actress. His born on 27 October 1963 in Cohutta, Georgia, United States. She is currently 67 year old. She was also a model. they had a daughter before marriage. Then marriage Donald Trump after a short stay with Marla Maple.

      Image – Marla Maples

Due to a mutual dispatch in 1997. Papers prepared for divorce. In which it was announced to give Maple $2 million. They finally divorced in 1999.

Melania Trump

Melania was a very beautiful model. His born on 26 April 1970 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia. She is currently 50 year old. Melania Trump and Donald trump fall in love after Donald trump’s second divorce. Engaged in 2004 and married in 2005 after being in relationship for five years.

     Image – Melania Trump with Donald Trump

She was the model of the city of Slovenia. Before getting married, There was a lot of discussion to get photoshoot done for the magazine. At the time of marriage, Melania was 28 years old and Donald trump was 52 years old.

Melania Trump was granted US citizenship in 2006. They were married on Florida’s Palm Beach. His marriage included many celebrities Hillary Clinton,Bill Gates,etc. They both had a son named Barron Trump.


Trump had a total of five children from his three wives. His first wife had three children. Had a daughter from second wife, and had a son from third wife.

Donald Trump Jr.

         Image – Donald Trump Jr..

Donald Trump Jr. was born in 1977. His mother’s name is Ivana Trump. Jr. Trump is an American businessman and Television personality. Junior Trump is the eldest son of Donald Trump. He is taking over his family.

Ivanka Trump

           Image – Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump was born on October 30 ,1981 in Manhattan, New York. His full name is Ivanka marry Trump. Her husband’s name is Jared Kushner. Jared is an advisor to President Donald Trump. Ivanka was a fashion designer. But, She left the job to take over as father. She is her father’s mentor.

Eric Trump

                 Image – Eric Trump

Eric Trump was born in 1984. He is the third son of Ivana Trump.

Tiffany Trump

             Image – Tiffany Trump

Tiffany Trump was born in 1983. She is the son of Donald Trump’s second wife, Ivana Trump. She is a singer and model of America.

Barron William Trump

Bairron William Trump was born in 2006. William was born Melania Trump, Donald Trump third wife. And is the youngest son.

Business Career

Donald Trump is a politician as well as a business tycoon. He has assets of $3.1 million as of 2019 according to America business magazine. Information about their entire assets is not available until 2020 due to non-payment of tax.

 Trump’s core business is business. Which has a huge business in the Real State sector. Also, There are billions of brands business, golf courses,hotels,clubs, casinos etc.

Real Estate

Donald Trump took over Real Estate with his father. Their work load increased as required. Donald Trump named his organization the Trump organization. Which includes the Trump Tower, Trump International Hotel and New York Tower, Atlantic city Casino, Trump Plaza, Grand Hyatt etc.

Their source of income is about 50% of all these. And other income means from financial ventures. Such as aviation goods royalty and their two main books, the Art of the Deal and How to make America Great Again.

Manhattan Developments

 Donald Trump first started in 1978 with his family venture. This kind of attracted public attention from the beginning. It was a renovation of the hotel. This work was founded by his father of $400 million . Some time later Donald Trump also acquired the right to build the Skyscraper Trump Tower.

The Trump Tower also houses the headquarters of the Trump organization. Trump was also home to the place till 2019. In his business career, Donald Trump took a lot of money in the from of loans from banks in the name of hotels and other items. In 1996 acquired a 71 Storey skyscraper. Due to good improvements the building was renamed as Trump building.

Mar -A- lago

In 1985 Donald Trump acquired Mar-a-Lago  in Palm Beach state Florida. Trump made Mar-a-Lago his place of residence.

Golf course

In 1999 Trump organization acquired Golf courses. After that it started construction. Thus   16 Golf courses were built.

Trump University

Donald Trump founded a company called Trump University in 2004. Training courses run from 15,000 to 35,000 Dollar to run this company. That’s why New York officials said that you violated the law by naming the company as a University.

So, He changed his name to Trump Entrepreneur initiative. Thus a $40 million lawsuit was filed by the State of New York against Trump University.

Tax Returns

Donald Trump was questioned for non payment of tax in in the 2016 presidential election. But again and again he refused to issue Tax returns. So, They disputed. And they did not issue tax returns.

Before contesting the election of the US President complete information about his assets is required. It was the first time Since 1972. That no politician give information about his entire wealth. 

Earlier in 1972,  Richard Nixon’s party candidate did not disclose his assets. After Trump became President, the Democratic party again passed a resolution in 2018 detailing it.

Hence Trump was confronted once again. He has not yet made a tax return. The Lower court pronounced the judgement saying that, Trump should give information about the property.

But, His lawyer argued that he should be exempted while he was president. Thus  their decision continued in the court and was finally dismissed.

Then the matter went to the supreme court. So, Supreme court agreed to hear the debate on the matter. Then, Supreme court stated that it’s hearing would be held on 30 June 2020 before the end of the season.

Media Career

Donald Trump is also a TV actor. Trump is also fond of sports. Trump has been seen on the WWE stage. His media career has been good. He also made an identity thought his book.


              Donald Trump – Books
  • Trump the art of deal.
  • Trump the art of come back.
  • Make America Great Again.
  • Trump how to get rich.
  • Trump think big.
  • Crippled America.
  • Think like a champion.
  • The America we beserv.
  • Why we want it you be rich.
  • Trump never give up.
  • Trump the way to top.

A lot of books related to Donald Trump are available. But, The art of deal watch the most successful book published in 1987. Which remained on the top selling list in the New York times for 48 weeks.


Trump remained with WWE until 1980. He gave Wrestlemania-23 as the tittle in 2007. And included him in the WWE celebrity wing. Recently a video of WWE owner Vince McMahon beating and balding him went viral.

Acting and Show

Donald has acted in a total of 8 films. Hence he is also called acting artist. He sang as the anchor at the 57 prime time awards. Trump has been a guest on the National syndicated awards show nearly  24 time. So, He also had his own radio program called Trumped.

Who owns Donald Trump ?

Donald Trump himself is a brilliant man. He seeks advice on how to do his work. But, They get advice on how to do their work. So, they do each of their own free will. He don’t believe in anyone before them. Therefore, it can be said that he is his own Boss.

Political career

Trump changed many parties by 2015. He was a Manhattan Republican in 1987, Reform party in 1999, Democratic party in 2001, and rejoined the Republican party in 2009. 

Donald was keep two became president. He made his presidential nomination for the first time in 2009. He was not successful in that.

President in 2016

Trump was a Republican Party candidate. So, He launched a campaign against his rival Hillary Clinton. He became the presidential candidate on 6 June .

              Donald Trump as President

 Hillary Clinton made a substantial lead in the president election, but he leadership slowed down after and investigation into a controversial mail. 

On 26 September 2016, Hillary Clinton and Trump debited. The program was held at Hofstra University in New York. And the second debate took place at the University of Washington.

The last and third debate was held on October 19 at the University of Nevada. Talking about the result attracted public attention.


Donald Trump won on November 8 ,2016 by a large margin of votes. He got the most votes from the election  school. Defeated rival candidate Hillary Clinton by 2.9 million votes. 

Thus Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United State. The president said in his address that, I swear to every citizen of the country that I will be president for the Americans. He welcomed his supporters. Appreciate everyone who voted for them.

President in 2020

Who will be president in 2020 ?

Corona virus, The Global disease spread in the world, has badly hit the whole world. It will have an impact on the 2020 US presidential election.

According to some experts, about 55% of the votes were to be received by Donald Trump prior to covid-19. Currently this figure is being reported at about 30%.

This information was given by Oxford economists. His prediction has been acquiret since 1984. Us economy has deteriorated due to covid-19. So, It is difficult for Donald Trump to became president again in the presidential election. The predication failed in 1968 and 1976. What will happen in 2020 hundred percent cannot be told the truth.

Replacing Donald Trump as president

Who is replacing Donald Trump as President ?

It is not possible to say who will win the presidential election of 2020.  But such election depend on the current economy. What will be the result of the election dependence on the work done in previous years.

Currently the United States economy has deteriorated. And covid-19 is playing with the lives of thousands of people continuously. The president is not able to control this epidemic. 

In this way, the opposition is also attacking them directly. The strikes are making the current President redundant. It is everybody is to think about the United States and take it seriously. 

Like the last presidential election this time also accusing each other. But,  Trump is  making equal efforts to improve the bad economy. So,  which party is going towards the 2020 presidential election is not sure.

Experts have expressed their opinion on the US presidential election. In which the chance of winning the Trump Armand than 50% which can increase or decrease at any time.

Who is the richest president ?

Donald Trump is the seventh wealthiest president in the world. He has assets of about $3.1 million.

Vladimir Putin comes first in the list of world’s richest presidents. He is currently the President of Russia. And the second richest president is Maha Vagiralongkorn. He is the president of Thailand.

Trump work

 Trump emphasized free trade with US – China from the campaign platform. And strongly  enforced the law.  And passed a resolution to built wall on the border of America and Mexico.

 He protested against Clean Energy plan, Paris agreement and climate change. Abolish the general education system. People from weaker sections got relief in tax and also encouraged investment.

During the comparing Donald Trump banned migrants  from Muslims majority countries. And increased spending for Sholdiers. Acted against ISIS. 

First 100 days

Donald Trump created the first 100-day action plan to “make America great again”. The first task in the 100- days action plan is to stop corruption in Washington DC.

  1. A proposal to have a word limit for all members of Congress.
  2. Proposal to reduce the number of the Central employees.
  3. Proposal to abolish two rules for Central exchange.
  4. There should be a five-year ban on lobbying of Congress and White House officials after serving government..
  5. There should be a ban on current White House employees replacing the foreign government. 
  6.  restriction on how foreign people spend money on US elections.

 After Donald Trump became president, Give all his wealth to his sons.  ivanka Trump also resigned from the organisation. And started working as an advisor to her father.

Environmental policy

From its 2016 election platform, Trump said opposition parties cheated the amount spent on climate change. But later understanding climate change said that yes there is some difference. In an interview, Trump accused the scientist of not agreeing with climate change. Human is not responsible for this. 

Donald does not believe in climate change. That climate change also happens, and its human is responsible. The climate change assessment has seen that, If the standard on climate change is not worked out, this action will be disastrous for America.

 Trump did not listen to what scientists said on climate change, reduced budget sources of funded renewable energy. In this way America became such a country in the world, Did not accept any climate change agreement.  

So, 16 year old girl Greta Thunberg protests again Trump over climate change. And you are you taking away our life. So, US President withdraws rules to prevent  toxins such as pollution.

So, Trump curbs animal safety. But, energy source resources such as coal, oil promotes natural gases.  US President ignore climate change.

Health protection

Obamacare was one of the main promise of Trump. Which will be implemented as soon as the government is formed. So, That president threatened his his Republican party MPs, That if our party cannot do this, then we will let Obamacare stay. 

 And this will be the the failure of our party.  He appealed to vote on it immediately. This bill required 216 votes to pass. Trump received 217 votes in the election. 

Trump got full support of his party. But, other members doctor and patients were opposing this bill. He said when the Obamacare bill Will be passed, So it would be a commendable Health Care plan. This will reduce your bill.

  It is not a mistake to change this type of bill and make it new. Expressing happiness over the change of the bill, he said that as president we are doing good work.


US President Donald Trump said, That abortion should be banned. When a woman’s life is in danger, rape or forced relationships have made. Such people are not considered against abortion. 

Reacting strongly after the statement said that, abortion will be prohibited after 20 weeks. Citing Supreme Court judges on this, he supported women undergoing abortion as punishment.

 But later issued a statement saying that physicians should be punished only for this type of abortion. However, on the online poll that preceded this statement, 70% of women voted against it.

Wall on US Mexico border

President Donald Trump said before the election that, he would built a wall along the Southern border of the US. He said the interior cost of the wall would be made of taxpayer dollars. It will also be funded from Mexico. 

Mexican president cancelled plan to meet Trump. And said in a video statement that, Mexico not believe any wall. Therefore, Mexico will not give any money for any wall.

This was emphasized by president Trump for funding. In the end he got a failure. In April 2018, President Trump announced that American troops would be deployed to protect America and to oversee terrorist activists. Immediately after the announcement, National guard Troops were asked to be stationed at the borders of Mexico and America.

Travel Ban

In 2015, Trump had made a controversial tweet on the Paris attack banning foreign Muslim from entering the US. And said until the system is implemented,  it will continue to happen.

Signed on off his controversial orders on 27 January 2017.  in which a resolution to keep Islamic terrorist out of the United State. This order watch implemented immediately. Migrants and Refugee from 7 Muslim countries visiting the US were detained at the airport.

This included the main Muslim countries, Iraq, Syria, Sudan,Iran, Somalia,Libya and Yavan. The order was banned for 90 days.  In an interview, Christian refugees would be given priority by the US.

On 6 March 2017, Trump ordered that residents of all countries expert Iraq should be systematically exempted. Priority was abolished for Christians. In June 2017, the High Court ruled that a ban would be imposed on individuals who do not have a credible claim with an institution to enter the US.

Foreign policy

President Donald Trump is now as an American nationalist. He supports the America first policy. Trump always supports American military spending. 

He respected some good foreign leaders. Such as the President of the Philippines, president of China, president of Egypt, President of Turkey, president of Brazil, Prime Minister of India and the Prime Minister of Hungary.


 Khan Shaykhun chemical attack took place in Syria in April 2017. In retaliation for that attack, US President Trump ordered missile attack.  and also ordered the US Defense Minister to assassinate Syrian president Bashar- al-Assad.

        President Trump ordered missile attack

 France and England were also involved in this attack along with America. US targeted Syrian chemical weapons. This incident happened in Damascus the capital of Syria.

Taking action, The US President said Russia failed to stop the chemical attacks. So, this action was taken. We have won against ISIS Trump said. Mattis resignation a few days letter due to disagreements in foreign policy.


The US President disregarded the Iran regime and said, He does not have the power to change his regime. He called the Iranian regime inactive. After Iranian missile tested in January 2017. 

They banned 25 Iranian people. At the Brussels summit of my 2017, European authorities protest against not doing business with Iran. Trump has certified in 2017 that, trade relations with Iran will  not be maintained. And the same will happen with Russia and North Korea.

In may 2017, Trump deployed a military force in the Persian Gulf in may 2017, Around that time there was a state war. Donald Trump had indicated war.

There was an attack on oil storage in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. So, That us increased its military there and the US blamed Iran for the attack in the oil field.

 General Qasim Sulemani was considered the second most powerful person in Iran. Sulemani was the head of a legion. This troop was similar to the Iranian Army abroad.

 The United State had already declared Qasim sulemani as a terrorist. Since then he was on the target of America. On 3 January 2020, American drones targeted him at Baghdad airport.

He was accompanied by Abu Mehandi Al Mujahid, the leader of Qatayab Hezbullah. They were also placed in the terrorist list by the US. 


On 6 December 2017, Jerusalem was recognized as Israel capital, supporting the policies of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The US President also created the US assembly in Jerusalem in 2018. 

Jerusalem of is considered as a holy City. Therefore, there was protest against its establishment in Jerusalem. Also many countries of the word opposed it. However, the Israeli Prime Minister expressed happiness over the formation of the US assembly.


 Russia is the largest country in the world. Trump’s 2016 refusal to improve relations between Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump thought his speeches.


But,  after the election he said that Russia can help America in the fight against ISIS. Russia’s relations were already bad with America. Therefore, the people of America did not feel right about Trump’s help in the election. That is why Trump denied Russia’s relations.

On 20 December 2019, on the passage of the National Defense authorisation act, Trump approved gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.  Trump has bright Putin many times and said that he is a good president.

China – United State relation

The two great countries of the world are called super powers. Their relationship has not always been good. President accused China of taking unfair advantage of the US.  that’s why US President waged a campaign against China.

China vs America covid-19 war 2020

 There is a difference of opinion between China and America as to who spread the corona virus. China says that the virus has been spread by American shoulder in Wuhan. And President Trump says that China has used biological weapons on American soldiers. 

Therefore,  Relations between the United States and China have deteriorated. The US stopped WHO funding targeting China. Also serve criticized China.


India’s relations with the United States are good, But, The former relations ware not very good. Presently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi strengthens relations with America.

 Trump has expressed good relations with India and the United States. Although,  the US supported Pakistan in the 1971 India – Pakistan war. 

Nuclear agreement were signed between India and America in 2008. So, relations became better. In June 2017, Prime Minister  Modi visited the White House, and on his arrival the Howdy Modi program was organised. 

Donald Trump visited India at the invitation of the Prime Minister. Trade cooperation between the two countries was discussed. The see Mugal buildings and Indian civilization there.

North Korea

North Korea’s growing nuclear power was becoming a threat to America.  US President Donald Trump warned North Korea on this. Trump said in a UN General Assembly address that, if North Korea saves its allies, it will also be destroyed.

 Donald Trump further increased sanctions on North Korea. Donald Trump and Kim Jong talks in Singapore on June 2018. In which Kim Jon confirms his intentions.

The differences between the two countries acquired in the Summit of February 2019. In which each other was convicted. Dissatisfied with this dialogue, Kim Jong ordered American ship to be shot down.

So, There has always been tension between North Korea and America. Kim Jong is a freak dictator. Therefore, It can became a threat to any country.

Covid-19 pandemic in the United States

 The Corona virus originated in Wuhan,China.  Were unaware of the effect of covid-19 at first.  So, This virus spread all over the word in  sometime. WHO researched the the virus and put forward its fact. 

Covid-19 pandemic in the United States
        Covid-19 pandemic in the United States

Corona virus was first identified in the United States in January 2020. So, the US President banned non- American individuals. Not taking the Trump Corona virus seriously,  not advised by health experts. 

So,  the virus outbreak continued to grow. Given this type of terrible solution, soon added to make the vaccine. But, In takes 12 to 18 months for any person to make and test them.

Trump signed on 6 March 2020 for virus preparation and response fulfillment. In which the Agencies were given $8.3 million. On 13 March 2020, Trump made his first serious evaluation, starting that it was a temporary rod. But this is not a financial problem.

So, Trump declared a national emergency. Trump slammed members of the White House for not being able to control the epidemic. Donald admitted that the corona virus is not under control. Hence Trump criticized the WHO.


Thanks for reading Donald Trump Biography. I hope you enjoy reading.



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