Greta Thunberg Biography

( Greta Thunberg Biography ) Greta is globally knows as a climate change activist. So, Thunberg has received international recognition for climate change. She is facing the crisis of climate change.

Facts About Greta Thunberg :


What is facts about Greta Thunberg ?

She is know for speaking directly to the environment. Thunberg is a young worker. So, Greta has become a famous young person of all the leaders in the world, for their failure towards climate change.

So, Greta demonstrated on her poster writing words like “school strike for climate“. Leave school on Friday after performing. In this way he focused international attention for environmental change.

Therefor, Greta organized a climate change strike movement in school called “ Friday for Future “. Greta addressed the United Nations in 2018.

After this address . Students were attack all over the world. So, Greta moved to North America. There she attended the 2019 United Nations climate change conference.

She said ,That,l speak only when necessary. But,” how dare you“. This word is also includ in music.

Early life :

What is Greta Thunberg Biography and Early life ?

Greta’s full name is Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg. Thunberg was born on 3 January 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden. Greta  already had a Asperger syndrome desease.

The disease was treated by doctors. Now, This type of disease is considered self-centered spectrum disorder. So,A person suffering from this disease thinks very deeply. So, Greta’s attention was more towards climate change.

Pairents :

Who is Greta Thunberg parents ?

His father’s name is Savante Thunberg. He was an actor. And his mother’s name Malena Emman. She is an Opera singer.

Thunberg’s  sister’s name is Beata. Beata is a popular singer in Sweden. His grandfather’s name is Olof Thunberg. Olof was both actor and director. His entire family was musicians.


Mentality :

What is metality of Greta Thunberg ?

According to Thunberg, climate change was heard in 2011. After hearing this, Greta learned why so much work was done toward climate change. She could not understand himself. Greta was depressed about climate change. She gave up eating due to his concern about climate change.

So, She lost about 10 kg in 2 months. So, Greta became mentally ill. Thus, during his speech on climate change,she explained his position. Therefore, climate change is an important initiative. So, we have campaigned towards this.

Greta when the school was active in the strike. Then, she was struggling with the disease. So, Greta’s parents were not supporting her.

Activism at parents :

What dose Greta Thunberg do ?

Greta was trying do, That, our parents who emit carbon, reduce them and become vegetarian. And get active with us . she tride hard to make his parents environmentally conscious.

Therefor, Thunberg’s parents are not right towards the climate but, showing support for thair baby girl, and started implementing her thoughts with baby.

Strike for climate :


The most important topic of the Greta Thunberg Biography.

Greta Thunberg was already aware of climate change. So, realizing the importance of climate change, and ,waged a campaign to prevent the threat from climate change in the future. Greta first got this idea for her country.while she was in the school shooting program. So, she got this idea.

Thus many young students refused to go back to school. And they all became active in the climate change with the Greta. These young high school students ,”March for Our lives“support of gun cantrol.

A Swedish newspaper organized an essay competition on climate change. Greta and her other colleagues took part in this assay comptition. And the competition was won by Greta and his comrades. So, next day, The essay written by Greta was publish in the newspaper. Therefore,many people were impress by Greta’s essay.

Speech :

( Greta Thunberg speech ):

Greta from her speech at the UN summit, criticized world leaders on globel temperature rising over climate change. Ignoring climate change,The younger and future generation are being betrayed. So,they will never be forgive. The percentage of Co2 is increasing. It can stop now. And in future to come,And a happy life can also be lived in the commingfuture.

Millions of yought across the world have become aware of climate change. So, millions of yough are demonstrating to save their earth from Co2 .

You guys are stealing my dreams with your gimmicks. The eyes of generations to come are on you. That you will do something from them. And you are failing us. “ How dare you!

Protest in Europe :

Greta speech went viral on social media, before the United Nations climate change conference. Therefor, All climate change Politicians in the world,could not answer on climate change. So, Greta staged a protest in Europe.

Therefore, students everywhere present in Europe to were agitating against of climate change. The protest was boycott by some politicians. Many people also help Greta to remain active in the performance. Still ! Greta used to protest outside Swedish Parliament every friday. Where she used to get support from students, she would never get it, yet she performed.

Newyork Climate Change  :

Thunberg went attend the Newyork Climate Change summit to be held on 23 September. The United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF) Hosted the press conference at this summit. 15 other children along with Greta attended the conference.

Greta in his speeches at the climate change summit, She complained against five countries.Because, In which they are not following the instructions to fulfill the goals of climate change. So,this is not right for the environment.

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Canada Climate Change Show :

Greta ateged a special protest in Canada climate change show. Protests were held at several places in Mantrial,Admantan and Bainkuvar cities of Canada. Organized an  environmental change rally there.

So, Thousands of people participated in this event. This event was the biggest event in the history towards the environment.

COP-25 :

Greta made a plan to attend the  Cop-25 conference to be held in December 2019. Due to severe turbulence in Chile, So,Cop-25 climate change conference was moved to Chili.

One has to travel by air to reach Spain early. Carbon is emitted as the airplane moves. So,Greta refuses to go by plane. Greta chose the environment-friendly path. which took him time to reach Madrid in Spain.

But, he took an environmentally friendly approach. Reached Limbone on 3 December 2019. Where she immediately asked to take action. And told that nothing has been achieved compared to previous year. Since 2015, so far, carbon emissions have been increasing. Which has increased by 4% by 2019.

Award :


Greta received various types of accolades and award during the climate change activism.

  • Climate change essay competition award.
  • International children’s peace prize.
  •  Nobel peace prize.
  •   Golden camera film and Television awards.
  •  special climate action award.
  • Glamour women of the Year award by Glamour Magazine.

Various type of award received from institutions. So, Greta kept some potion of the prize money with her and donated the rest to climate change.

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