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Change is the only thing that stays the same, and it affects everyone. Jenny Anchondo is an anchor, but she used to work as a fitness teacher and personal trainer. She didn’t just go to the gym to kill time; she worked hard at it for more than ten years. She spent much time with fitness tools and instruments but has always been interested in journalism and the media.

Who is Jenny Anchondo?

Jenny Anchondo is a news anchor who won an Emmy Award and worked at Fox 4 for four years, from 2013 to early 2018. She is also a well-known podcaster, public speaker, advocate for reading, and humanitarian.

Jenny Anchondo

Jenny Anchondo Biography

Category Information
Identity Jenny Anchondo
Profession News anchor, podcaster, public speaker, advocate, humanitarian
Previous Career Fitness teacher and personal trainer for over ten years
Media Outlet Fox 4 (2013-2018), CW33-TV (current)
Awards Emmy Award winner
Education Studied journalism and school and community health education at the University of Idaho
Spouse Married to Heath Oakes since June 18, 2016
Family Lives with husband, daughter (Brighton Valentina), and a rescued white dog named Charley
Book Heath Oakes, her husband, wrote “Ignorance on Fire: A Journey of Failing Your Way to Success”
Net Worth Considerable earnings from journalism and a history of charitable activities

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Jenny Anchondo Parents, Family, and School

Jenny Anchondo

Jenny got cheerleading and school work grants that helped her study journalism and school and community health education at the University of Idaho. She is married to Heath Oakes. The wedding took place on June 18, 2016.

Jenny met her husband at the gym, and they became close by talking about college football. After that, they went on a date and have been together ever since.

Jenny Anchondo

The book Ignorance on Fire: A Journey of Failing Your Way to Success was written by Heath. The book tells him his rise from a young man with little education who wants to be successful to one of the youngest leaders in a Fortune 500 company.

They now live with their young daughter and a white dog named Charley that they rescued.

Jenny Anchondo Net Worth

The reporter who won an Emmy has been in the big news outlets for a long time. Along with her job as a fitness teacher, she has made a tremendous amount of money as a journalist. The money she makes in her career is perfect.

Jenny Anchondo

In addition, she is a generous woman who has participated in many charitable activities. The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity are essential to her. She is willing to do anything related to reading and writing.

Jenny Anchondo Career Journey

Jenny Anchondo is an American journalist who works as a TV host, news anchor, and reporter for CW33-TV in Dallas, Texas. She started her career as a producer and reporter at KNDO-TV in Yakima, WA, and later became an evening anchor/reporter at KNDU-TV.

During her college fellowship with the International Radio & TV Society Foundation in New York City, she interned at Fox News Channel. She became a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Jenny is also the Executive Producer and co-host of the Second Shot podcast and the executive producer of Second Shot Sitdowns.

Jenny Anchondo

She is a volunteer, community servant, and advocate for the causes that matter the most to her, including eating disorder education and literacy-based organizations. Jenny is married to Heath Oakes, an author and an executive in a Fortune 500 company, and they have a daughter named Brighton Valentina

Jenny Anchondo Interesting Facts:

  • Jenn worked as a fitness teacher and personal trainer for over ten years before becoming a news anchor.
  • Her first job as a broadcaster was at night, from 2:30 PM to 11:30 PM. In the morning, she taught fitness lessons.
  • The things she loves most in life are her family, working out, and helping others.

Jenny Anchondo

  • As early as eighth grade, she began setting aside money for college.
  • Jenny likes green tea more than coffee, which is different from most news anchors and workers in general.
  • Because of her job, she has been able to live and travel in Tucson, Indianapolis, Dallas, and other places across the country.

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