Who is Xyriel Manabat’s boyfriend? Know About Her Non-Showbiz BF

Xyriel Manabat, the young and immensely talented Filipino actress, has endeared herself to audiences with her acting prowess from a very early age.

In this article, we step beyond the spotlight and venture into the intriguing world of her personal life, with a focus on her boyfriend. While her career has been nothing short of remarkable, her romantic journey has remained a topic of curiosity among fans.

Join us as we explore the identity of Xyriel Manabat’s boyfriend, gaining insight into their relationship dynamics and the impact it may have on the life of this prodigious actress. This exploration promises to offer a more comprehensive picture of the young star both on and off the screen.

xyriel manabat

Who is Xyriel Manabat?

Xyriel Manabat is an actress known for playing child roles in TV shows. She first became an actress when she competed in Star Circle Quest: Search for the Next Kiddie Idol in 2009. She came in third place in the talent show.

As a result, she has been in many TV shows since then, but her big break came when she played the young Agua and Bendita in the show “Agua Bendita.” She later became well-known for her lead part in the telenovela “Mommy.” Some of the other shows that Xyriel has been in are “Noah,” “100 Days to Heaven,” and “Wildflower.”

xyriel manabat

In 2010, Xyriel won the award for Best Child Actress at the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival for her part in the comedy “Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na ‘To!).” Several award-giving groups have also nominated and given her awards for her excellent work.

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Xyriel Manabat introduces her ‘pogiest’ boyfriend

Xyriel Manabat showed off her boyfriend Nathaniel Avila Toledo, who isn’t in show business, by posting pictures from their recent trip to Baguio, according to Cosmopolitan.

You can see them riding a motorbike, eating ice cream, and taking pictures together at the Lion’s Head on Manabat’s Instagram page. Toledo is kissing Manabat on the forehead in the picture.

xyriel manabat

They must have gone on a trip weeks before because Toledo posted similar photos on his Instagram account on May 19. Also, Toledo has been posting pictures of the two together since January. The ex-child star and her boyfriend looked very happy in the photos.

They were riding a motorbike to the City of Pines. It wasn’t possible to leave comments, but her friends, like Andrea Brillantes, showed their support by liking the subtle Instagram post.

xyriel manabat

How did Xyriel Manabat meet her boyfriend?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information known about how long Xyriel Manabat and Nathaniel Avila Toledo were together. They hadn’t said much about how they met or when they started dating. For the most part, Manabat has kept her personal life, especially her partnerships, a secret.

For as long as she has been an actress, she has kept her personal life out of the public eye and focused on her work. But the fact that she recently told everyone about her boyfriend, Nathaniel Avila Toledo, has gotten her friends and followers interested, making them wonder how long they’ve been together.

xyriel manabat

Their trip to Baguio, shared on social media, is one of the few times people can see how they are together. From what we know, it looks like Xyriel Manabat and Nathaniel Avila Toledo are at a point in their relationship where they feel safe talking about it with other people.

Manabat’s choice to present Toledo to her followers and the loving language she used in her social media posts show that they are very close and that this is a big step in their relationship.

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