Daisy Cakes’ Net Worth in 2023: How has Shark Tank Appearance Affected the Company’s Turnover?

Many families keep recipes hidden and pass them down from one generation to the next. Kim Nelson’s great-aunt taught her how to make a cake that people always liked, and she turned the recipe into a business called Daisy Cakes.

Kim Nelson asked the Shark Tank for $50,000 for a 25% stake in her cake business, which she thought was worth $200,000. Kim didn’t waste any time getting her best possession, a sample of her Daisy Cakes, before the Sharks.

Every male Shark had the same thought, followed by “WOW.” For all Daisy Cakes, only the best ingredients are used. The recipe comes from an old family secret from Daisy, her great-aunt.

The great thing about Nelson’s Daisy Cakes is that he can mail them nationwide. Kim ships the cakes to your door in a new tin she made just for them.

About Daisy Cakes


Kim Nelson, the founder of Daisy Cakes, had her life turned upside down when her business was shown on Shark Tank. But really, this is just another cake shop. They taste so good that no one could say no.

Will you tell me how Daisy Cakes got her money and fame? The secret recipe comes from her grandma, and people couldn’t get enough of it. Daisy Cakes ships nationwide, but the business is based in Pauline, South Carolina, and Las Vegas. She said she shipped the cake in dry ice to keep it fresh.

Kim began her business on a small scale, making only 2,000 cakes a year for the first two years. Kim got a $93,000 loan from her folks to start her business. With that money, getting off the ground and gaining customers would have been demanding’ wealth grew so much in 2022 with their help.

Daisy Cakes’ Appearance on Shark Tank


Kim Nelson went on season two of Shark Tank in 2012 and asked for $50,000 in return for 25% of her new business. The founder of her company has yet to come up with anything new, but she thought the taste of her cake would be enough to get a deal.

Yes, it was delicious because all the male Sharks ate everything on their plates. The Sharks told them they would buy from the business but not invest in it because it would take a lot of work to make it a big brand. They were all out.

The last Shark left was Barbara Corcoran, the only one who thought Daisy Cakes had a chance. Barbara offered $50,000 in exchange for a 25% stake and a fee of $1 per cake. Nelson took the offer, even though he had to pay a fee.

What Came Next After Shark Tank Appearance

Kim sold 2,000 cakes one weekend after her show played on national TV the next day. It was good for business, but it hurt her health. This led the businesswoman to make changes.

Kim opened bigger shops in New York, Tennessee, and Georgia to grow her business. She was able to make $100,000 a month this way. However, the company lost $165,000 because of problems with its contracts.


So, the making of the goods was moved back to South Carolina. The cake business got back on its feet in 2019 and opened a second location in California. Daisy Cakes makes $4 million annually and is worth about $3 million as of November 2021.

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Does Daisy Cake still do business?

Some people like Daisy’s “Cake in a Jar” minikins because they are easy to take with them and are sweet. As she grows her business, she works with Goldbelly, an online gourmet food shop, to ship her cakes nationwide.

How is Daisy Cake these days?

Kim Nelson of Daisy Cakes sells 18,000 cakes a year right now. Kim “Daisy” Nelson used an old family cake recipe to start the multimillion-dollar business. She runs Daisy Cakes in Pauline, South Carolina. The bakery is famous for its home-baked cakes made by hand and sent nationwide.


Who is Daisy Cake’s owner?

Kim Nelson owns Daisy Cakes. She began the business 2009 with dishes that her mother and great-aunt had given her. Nelson went on the 2012 season of Shark Tank and got a $50,000 investment. Nelson went back on the show a year after the episode ran to say that her monthly sales had gone up to an average of $100,000.

Daisy Cakes’ Net Worth in 2023

Lee Daily states that Daisy Cakes has a $3 million fortune. The Daisy Cakes website crashed for 3 minutes after her show aired because it got 75,000 hits in that time. Two thousand cakes were bought in just 24 hours.

There was no activity on the page for 4 hours. She had already sold over 5,000 cakes. It made 25,000 cakes in two months.

Daisy Cakes’ net worth is mainly affected by the fact that it is 100% local. In New Jersey, even the pans are made with care. At this point, more than 240 people work for the company.

At first, she moved to a bigger space and had shops in Savannah, Nashville, and even The Bronx. However, the plant moved back to South Carolina because of problems with the contract and quality.

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