Who is the Wife of Mohan Yadav? All You Want to Know About His Personal Life

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) announced that Mohan Yadav will be the new chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. This ended all the rumours about who would be picked. Please find out about his family, wife, and more.

Who is the Wife of Mohan Yadav?

Several news sources say Mohan Yadav has been married to Seema Yadav since January 14, 1993. He has been an MLA three times and is married to Seema Yadav. They have three children together: a girl and two sons.

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Seema Yadav has always been very religious. She was seen at the Mahakal temple with her husband, who was just named Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, getting gifts from the god. In an interview, Seema Yadav said that her husband’s appointment as the new CM of Madhya Pradesh was the Mahakal’s blessing.

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Who is mohan yadav's wife

About Seema Yadav

Mohan Yadav is a BJP MLA and then CM. His wife is Seema Yadav. People think that Mohan Yadav is the richest BJP MLA. People say that most of their money came from his wife’s inheritance and that her husband made the rest independently.

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How long has Mohan Yadav been married to Seema Yadav?

Mohan Yadav and Seema Yadav have been married for a long time. They got married on January 14, 1993. His wife has been a rock in his life and his job as a politician.

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