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In the 2023 Telangana Assembly Election, Madan Mohan Rao is a candidate for the National Congress. He ran from Telangana’s “Yellareddy” Assembly constituency. He defeated the Telangana Rashtra Samithi candidate in opposition by a significant margin to win his second term as an MLA.

Who is Madan Mohan Rao?

Madan Mohan Rao is an MLA from Telangana’s Yellareddy Assembly, supported by the Congress, seeking a second term. In 2013, Madanamohan Rao won a margin of almost 24,000 votes to become the second MLA supported by the Congress, having previously lost to Jajala Surender, the candidate endorsed by Telangana Rashtriya Samithi (TRS).

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Madan Mohan Rao Wiki/Bio

On August 25, 1970, Madan Mohan Rao was born into a lower-class family in the Yellareddy region of Telangana. K. Rajeshwar Rao is his father, and he struggled mightily to launch his own business following his education.

He started to prosper in his business and grew in popularity in his community in a matter of years. He married the daughter of Telangana MLA Yareballi Jodhikar Rao in 1995.

At NG Ranga Agricultural University in Hyderabad, Madan Mohan Rao earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1993 and a Master of Science (MS) in Agriculture in 1996. 2017 saw the graduate of Wharton Business School.

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Name Madan Mohan Rao
Date of birth 15 June 1969
Place of birth Hyderabad, Telangana
Age 54 years
Party Indian National Congress
Constituency Yellareddy, Kamareddy district, Telangana
Education B.Com, M.Sc (Agri), Graduation from The Wharton Business School
Profession Politician, Businessman
Caste Reddy
Religion Hinduism

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Madan Mohan Rao Family, Parents, Wife, Kids

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Father K. Rajeshwar Rao
Mother K. Vijaya Lakshmi
Spouse K. Sridevi
Children K. Abhishek, K. Akhil, K. Anusha

Madan Mohan Rao Career in politics:

As a candidate supported by the National Congress, Madan Mohan Rao ran and won the 2018 Telangana Assembly elections from the Yellareddy Assembly constituency for the first time. He currently ran for Telangana Assembly in 2023 as a candidate backed by the Indian National Congress; Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) candidate Jajala Surender was his principal rival.

According to the 2011 census, Yellareddy assembly constituency has 1,682,000 residents overall. The candidate supported by the BJP for this assembly seat, Banswada Subhash Raddy, received about 27,000 votes, or 14% of the total. Jajala Surender, the candidate backed by Telangana Rashtriya Samithi (TRS), received roughly 62,988 votes, or 34% of the total vote.

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K. Madan Mohan Rao, the candidate supported by the Indian National Congress, received approximately 86,999 votes, or 47% of the total votes cast. In the 2023 assembly election, K. Madan Mohan Rao, the candidate supported by the Indian National Congress, defeated the other contenders handily to win the Yellareddy assembly seat.

Madan Mohan Rao Social media

Social media Facebook: KalakuntlaMadanMohan

Instagram: madan_anna_sainyam

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Madan Mohan Rao Net Worth

According to his affidavit submitted for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Mohan Rao is a politician and businessman with a net worth of more than Rs 90 crore. From Rs 72.7 crore in 2018, when he ran for the Telangana Assembly, his net worth has grown dramatically. His business endeavours, agricultural pursuits, and MLA salary are his sources of income.

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