Who is Josh Allen dating? Have a Look at the New Girlfriend of the NFL Payer

The romantic life of sports stars often becomes a subject of public interest, and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is no exception. As a rising star in the NFL, Allen’s prowess on the field has earned him admiration, but fans are equally curious about his personal life, especially regarding his dating endeavors.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing topic of Josh Allen’s dating life, exploring any available information about his relationships and the woman who may hold the key to the quarterback’s heart. Join us as we unravel the off-field chapters of Josh Allen’s life, shedding light on the private aspects of his romantic journey.

Josh Allen


What is Josh Allen?

Josh Allen is a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League (NFL). The Bills picked him seventh overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. He played college football at Wyoming. Allen took the Bills to the playoffs in his second season as a manager and went 10-5.

He is also known for working with PLB Sports & Entertainment and Wegmans in 2020 to make Josh’s Jaqs, his cereal. The profits from the sale of this cereal will go to the Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Who is Josh Allen dating?

At the moment, Josh Allen is seeing actor and singer Hailee Steinfeld. There were reports that the two were dating in May 2023, and they were later seen kissing in Mexico on July 4, 2023.

Josh Allen

Their public appearances have shown that they are dating since they have been seen together at many events. Josh Allen dated Hailee Steinfeld after being with Brittany Williams for a long time, from 2017 to early 2023.

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Josh Allen’s Dating History

For a long time, quarterback Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills was seeing Brittany Williams from 2017 to early 2023. They went out together for about five years after meeting when she was eight. After his breakup with Brittany Williams, Josh Allen went out with singer and actor Hailee Steinfeld in 2023.

Josh Allen

Hailee Steinfeld

Known for her part in the western movie “True Grit,” Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress and singer. Her performance won several award nominations, including one for an Academy Award and one for a BAFTA Award. She was born in Tarzana, California, on December 11, 1996.

Hailee Steinfeld

Also, Steinfeld has had a great music career, with hits like “Starving” and “Let Me Go.” Additionally, she has done several charitable activities and has a large following on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

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