Who is Ashley Cain’s partner? Know More About the Former Football Player’s Love Life

In December 2023, Ashley Cain announced his upcoming pregnancy more than two years after the untimely death of his daughter Azaylia. In January 2024, the reality TV actress and former football player will give birth to a boy. Two years after losing his daughter Azaylia to cancer, Ashley Cain has revealed that he will once again become a father.

The 33-year-old TV celebrity and former football player will welcome a son in January 2024. Here’s a peek into the celebrity’s romantic life as Ashley reveals the good news about his baby…

Ashley Cain

About Ashley Cain

Former football player Ashley Cain was a player for Coventry City in the Championship. He also played as a loan winger at Luton, Oxford United, and Mansfield Town. In addition, Cain is a reality TV personality on MTV. She has been in the Ex on the Beach series and is a competitor in The Challenge’s 33rd season.

He is the creator and trustee of The Azaylia Foundation, a nonprofit organization he established in honour of his daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain, who lost her battle with leukaemia at the age of eight months.

Ashley Cain

Additionally, Cain has modelled for companies, including The Couture Club and Kalibre Clothing. With a lady he had dated earlier this year and known since he was eighteen, he is about to become a parent for the second time. The boy baby is expected to be born in January.

Does Ashley have a partner?

People have been curious about Ashley Cain’s romantic situation. He was romantically involved with Safiyya Vorajee from around 2018 till 2022. Together, they had a daughter named Azaylia, who passed away.

According to the most recent information, Ashley has stated that he intends to be a hands-on father to his second child and is not in a relationship with the child’s mother. Thus, it follows that Ashley Cain is not romantically involved now.

Ashley Cain

He told The Sun: “I am excited and happy, and I can’t wait to see what this next part brings.”

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Who is his baby’s mother?

Ashley and an old buddy, whom he has dated intermittently throughout the years, are expecting a child together. Ashley added, “I got a call from a girl I was seeing who I have known since I was 18,” about the mother of his second child.

“Over the years, we have occasionally gotten together as friends. She is a pleasant and pleasant person to be around. I went to meet her after receiving a message stating that she needed to talk to me, and she revealed that she was pregnant. I cannot express how wonderful that felt.

“The thought of potentially having another child after losing one was challenging to understand for me.”

Ashley Cain

Who is the former partner of Ashley Cain?

Ashley dated Safiyya Vorajee from about 2018 to 2022. She is a licensed aesthetician and dental nurse with her cosmetics company, Mz Pretty. Just one year after their daughter’s tragic death, in March 2022, Safiyya and Ashley announced their divorce.

“No one knows how something so tragic can affect a couple, and it’s been excruciating for them to make this decision,” a source said to The Sun at the time. “They will always love and support each other and still live together, but the romantic side of their relationship has ended.”

In a joint statement, Safiyya and Ashley acknowledged that they had broken up a few months before and promised to “love, care, and support each other forever.”

Ashley Cain

Ashley has talked about the awkward moment he had to tell Safiyya he was expecting a child. “Talking to Saffiya was painful for me as well, even though it was painful for Safiyya.”

“Safiyya and I haven’t been together for a while now, and it is inevitable that at some stage, people are going to move on with their lives – that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends and have an amazing relationship.” “I know Safiyya will always be there for me, and I will be there for Safiyya,” he continued.

“It wasn’t an easy conversation or filled with smiles, but it was a conversation that had a lot of truth and respect.”

What Happened to baby Azaylia?

August 2020 saw the birth of Azaylia Diamond, Safiyya and Ashley’s daughter. At the age of two months, she was sadly diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. OK states that the grieving parents have fought tirelessly to help other families and children fighting cancer with The Azaylia Foundation, which captures Azaylia’s spirit with the “little lion” logo.

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