Rollie Pollie Before and After Surgery: Unveiling the Evolution of Baddies West’s Surgical Journey

Step into the world of glamour and enhancements as we dissect the striking evolution of the enigmatic Rollie Pollie from Baddies West.

This article unveils the captivating narrative of her before-and-after surgical journey, exploring the transformative power of cosmetic procedures in the realm of influencers.

From subtle enhancements to bold transformations, join us in scrutinizing the visual metamorphosis that defines Rollie Pollie’s aesthetic choices.

As we navigate through the surgically enhanced landscape, this piece delves into the intriguing intersection of beauty standards and self-expression, offering a glimpse into the before-and-after chapters that shape the persona of Baddies West’s iconic Rollie Pollie.

Rollie Pollie

Who is Rollie Pollie?

A reality star named Rollie Pollie, whose real name is Gia Mayham, has been on TV shows like “One Mo Chance” and “Baddies South” on the Zeus Network. She became well-known after appearing on these shows, and she has a lot of fans on Instagram. In addition to her work on reality TV, she has also released music and built up a large net worth, which is now believed to be around $500,000.

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Has Rollie Pollie had any kind of surgery?

Rollie Pollie, whose real name is Gia Mayham, has had facial surgery. She has given updates about her plastic surgery journey. In May 2023, she had a Double BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and chin liposuction. She has been honest about her treatments and has written about them in the news and on social media.

Rollie Pollie

What changes has surgery made to Rollie’s body?

Rollie Pollie, whose real name is Gia Mayham, has had a Double BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and chin liposuction, which have made significant changes to her body. She has been sharing updates on the results of her plastic surgery on social media as she goes through the process.

Because of the surgery, her curves have become more defined, her hips have formed, and her derriere has become more noticeable. She has been happy with these changes more than once.

Rollie Pollie

How does the double BBL work?

The Double BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) treatment combines two types of surgery that are meant to make the buttocks and hips look better. The steps in the process are as follows:

Liposuction: A surgeon removes unwanted fat from specific body parts, like the stomach so that the fat can be used later.

Processing fat: The fat is cleaned, processed, and made ready to be injected.

Fat grafting: Processed fat is injected into the buttocks to make realistic curves and improve the body’s shape.

Rollie Pollie

The Double BBL treatment is for people who have already had a Brazilian Butt Lift and want to make their buttocks look even better or for people who want to make their buttocks look even better. Patients often have a second round of BBL. The effects last for a long time as long as the patient keeps their weight steady.

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