Who is Rinku Dhawan dating? Rinku claims to be advised to have an affair in the BB House

Rinku Dhawan, a familiar face in the world of Indian entertainment, has made headlines not only for her remarkable acting but also for her intriguing personal life. Fans and enthusiasts are eager to know about Rinku Dhawan’s dating life, her current partner, and the dynamics of her romantic relationship.

In this article, we explore the personal side of Rinku Dhawan’s life, shedding light on her dating journey, her partner’s identity, and the unique aspects of their relationship. Join us as we uncover the romantic chapter of this talented actress’s life and get a glimpse into the personal side of her public persona.

Rinku Dhawan

Who is Rinku Dhawan?

Rinku Dhawan is a famous actor in many hit TV shows, such as Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Swabhimaan, Yeh Vaada Raha, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, and many more. She is now on Bigg Boss 17, India’s most controversial reality TV show. Also, before that, Rinku told some interesting stories about her life and how excited she was to be on the show, which you can’t miss.

Does Rinku Dhawan have a boyfriend?

Regarding her personal life, Rinku Dhawan married Kiran Karmarkar, who played her brother in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, in 2002. Ishaan, their son, is also a blessing. But things started to go badly for Rinku and Kiran in their marriage, and in 2017, rumours started to spread that they were splitting up.

Rinku Dhawan

Last but not least, they got a divorce in 2019. Someone asked Rinku in the same chat if Kiran’s mention on the show would bother her because controversial shows like Bigg Boss often dig up things from people’s past. She joked right away that talking about her ex-husband wouldn’t bother her and added:

“I’m not affected by it. This (topic of separation) will not trigger me. I’m someone who doesn’t get triggered easily. It happened six to seven years ago. It’s too much into the past. I’d probably laugh out at anyone who would try to bring that up in an argument.”

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Rinku claims her family told her to have an affair in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

In another recent interview with the ETimes, Rinku talked about how her family felt about her being on Bigg Boss 17 and what they told her. Also, Rinku said that she would use her time on the show as a photo shoot outside. The star would also use the emotional times she would have there because she couldn’t talk to her family as a source of strength. She said:

“It is a project I’m going for and I will be away for three and a half months. I’m taking it as an outdoor shoot aur main apni shoot beech mein kabhi chod ke nahi aati. Yes, I’m going to miss my family as I won’t be able to talk to them but I will convert this into mental strength. When I’ll miss them, I’ll get emotional, it is the mother’s instinct towards son, my mother will also get emotional for me. It is not very difficult and I’ve to prepare for it.”

Rinku Dhawan

During the same chat, Rinku also talked about how her excited family had given her a lot of ideas for things she could do inside the BB house, such as having an affair. Afterwards, Rinku also talked about how upset her mother was. But the star was able to comfort her mother by telling her that she made it happen.

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