Ricardo Lugo Net Worth in 2023: Income and Earning of Star Jones Husband!

Not many people know Ricardo Lugo’s name, but this successful Chicago lawyer knows a lot of famous people. As Star Jones’s husband, Ricardo Lugo has met many rich and famous people. Jones is a lawyer, writer, fashion designer, author, women’s rights activist, and talk show co-host.

The famous wife co-hosted one of ABC’s most considerable morning talk shows for almost ten years. But is there more to the celebrity husband than just a wife? There is, of course. Let’s talk about what we know about lawyer Ricardo Lugo and his marriage to one of The View’s most popular co-hosts.

Ricardo Lugo

Who is Ricardo Lugo?

A qualified attorney and administrative law judge in Illinois and Wisconsin, Ricardo Lugo is an American. He is an administrative law judge and an attorney, and his main job is to decide if a rule in the municipal code has been broken.

He just got a job with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. A State’s Attorney’s Office spokeswoman said Lugo was an associate state’s attorney from April to August 2017. The county had to lay off 17 attorneys because of money problems.

Ricardo Lugo married Star Jones on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship on March 25, 2018. About 150 of their closest family and friends were there. The famous guests included Phaedra Parks from RHOA and Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother. A cruise ship wedding was the right mix of convenience and style for the intelligent couple.

Ricardo Lugo

Ricardo Lugo Net Worth

An estimate of Lugo’s wealth is $10 million. The money he makes comes from being a lawyer.

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Ricardo Lugo Career

In 2017, Lugo opened his law office, The Lugo Law Office. It focuses on family matters, civil disputes, inheritance problems, and criminal defence. He started working as a lawyer as a probation officer after finishing Benedictine College in 1988.

It is now possible for Lugo to work as an administrative law judge and an attorney in both Illinois and Wisconsin. He decides if there was a violation of the city’s rules and, if there was, what the punishment should be.

Ricardo Lugo

The Department of Administrative Hearings hires about 80 administrative law judges to run hearings in three different places in Chicago. Administrative law judges are lawyers qualified to work as lawyers in Illinois for at least three years.

In 2017, he worked as an assistant state attorney in the Office of the Cook County state’s attorney. The country’s second most prominent prosecutor’s Office is in Cook County, with more than 700 lawyers and more than 1,100 other employees.

The Office is in charge of pursuing all crimes, no matter how small or big, that happen in Cook County, which is one of the biggest counties in the country. Assistant state attorneys’ job is to carry out child support decisions and help tens of thousands of victims of sexual and domestic violence every year.

Ricardo Lugo


Lugo is a well-known and respected American lawyer working as an Administrative Law Judge in Chicago. His main area of expertise is family law. He got his J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1991.

Before that, he attended Benedictine University and earned his bachelor’s degree. He also got a license to be a divorce mediator. He has worked as an assistant state’s attorney and for the Milwaukee Public Defender’s Office.

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