Paul Williams Net Worth in 2023: Earnings of Founder of The Temptations Vocal Group Revealed

Paul Williams was a founder of the Motown Records group The Temptations and a baritone singer and dancer. The group’s first big hit was “The Way You Do the Things You Do” in 1964. Other songs by them, like “My Girl” and “(I Know) I’m Losing You,” also became hits.

Williams had sickle cell disease and was addicted to booze, but no one knew about it. In 1969, the singer had a lot of money troubles, and his health was worsening.

Soon after putting out one of his last albums, “Feel Like Givin’ Up,” he was found dead in Detroit on August 17, 1973, with a gun next to his body. It was later determined that he had killed himself.

Paul Williams

Paul Williams Net Worth in 2023

Because of his salary and royalties from being in The Temptations, Paul was worth more than $500,000 before he died. Several sites say that Paul Williams’s net worth grew significantly in 2023. Vipfaq readers say that Paul Williams’s net worth will be around $397491713 in 2023. Stocks, real estate, and luxury items like yachts and private planes are all part of the projected net worth.

Paul Williams

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Paul Williams Career

The Temptations got a record deal with Motown Records in 1961, but it took three years for one of their singles to make it into the Billboard Top 20. Williams was the group’s lead singer in its early years, but David Ruffin and Eddie Kendrick, who sang lead on hit songs by The Temptations in 1965, ignored him.

Williams got little attention as a solo singer, even on album tracks and B-sides. But in the end, he got to sing lead on some of their songs. People also thought he was the best dancer in the Temptations. Before Cholly Atkins took it away from him, he created routines for his group and The Supremes.

Paul Williams

Williams sang solo on a cover of the Temptations’ hit single “Hey Girl,” “Just Another Lonely Night,” and “Don’t Look Back.” His performance of “For Once in My Life” on the NBC special TCB was one of his most well-known live shows.

Williams began seeing Winnie Brown, the hairstylist for The Supremes, in 1965. Four years later, the two opened a fashion store for celebrities in Detroit. While Williams had high hopes for the business, it failed, leaving him with over $80,000 in tax debt.

Williams had sickle-cell anaemia and was addicted to alcohol while on tour. His condition got so bad that he sometimes couldn’t perform, and the other four Temptations had to take turns keeping oxygen tanks and alcohol stashes during the tour.

Paul Williams


The Temptations had to replace Williams because his voice changed because of his lung disease and drinking too much. They hired Richard Street, the lead singer of The Monitors at the time, to sing all of Williams’ parts from behind a curtain backstage.

Williams finally went to the doctor in April 1971 and found a spot on his liver. This made him decide to leave the group for good. Williams was still given a fifteenth of the group’s royalties and kept on the salary for two years to help him get better.

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