Will Season 2 of My Daemon happen? Examining the potential for a sequel

Fans of the Netflix anime series My Daemon are eagerly awaiting the possibility of a second season. Reputable animator Hirotaka Adachi and the Thai company Igloo are behind the series.

At the same time, director Nat Yoswatananont—best renowned for his work in detective noir and horror films—ties it all together. Although Igloo hasn’t released a complete animation, they have contributed to Farmhouse and Warhammer: Odyssey.

My Daemon

Will Season 2 of My Daemon happen?

SpielTimes notes that Netflix has not yet given “My Daemon” a second season renewal. Renewing a series is based on several variables, including audience involvement, viewership, and production costs. Nonetheless, “My Daemon” has garnered favourable feedback, boasting an IMDb rating of 7.9/10. The show’s animation, tempo, and original plot have all received accolades.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, some fans have conjectured about the likelihood of a second season. The anime’s poignant ending features a post-credits scene with fans wondering if the show’s main heroine, Anna, will come back in a potential second season. Furthermore, showrunner Yasuomi Umetsu has not ruled out a sequel.

My Daemon

In conclusion, even though a second season of “My Daemon” has not yet been officially confirmed, there has been conjecture about it due to the show’s favourable reviews and the potential for a follow-up. To ensure the renewal, fans must wait for an official statement from Netflix.

Examining the potential for a My Daemon anime sequel

According to Sportskeeda, The story of My Daemon takes place in a dystopian future in which a catastrophic nuclear explosion has caused a spatial rift that is tearing apart reality and causing Earth and Hell to collide. An injured daemon named Anna—a creature whose existence defies the laws of nature—is encountered by elementary school student Kento in this dismal realm.

My Daemon

After Kento chooses to care for Anna, the two form an unusual bond—that of a human and an extraterrestrial, the two then embark on a mission to rescue Kento’s mother while dodging government agents trying to apprehend Anna since she is a daemon with the ability to store items in and around her in an eternal and limitless area.

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What occurs after Season 1 of My Daemon?

Here is a synopsis of the events of the My Daemon Season 1 finale, though we have a detailed analysis available as usual.

Most of the epilogue is devoted to Kento and his companions attempting to stop a ferocious Pandaemonium—revived by the restoration daemon—from destroying himself.

The governments of the United States and Japan decided to destroy the kaiju-sized monster by nuclear means before it caused too much harm. This establishes a countdown clock that allows the heroes to take action before they are destroyed.

My Daemon

Fully developed, Anna can move the nukes and the pandemonium to her storage area, where the Daemon is securely killed, with the aid of Chumimin, the Daemon that emerged from Kento’s mind – a convoluted tale.

At his mother’s grave, Kento tells her how much he misses her and Anna in the heartfelt season finale. The episode ends before we find out whether or not Anna is there, leaving the resolution unclear. Nevertheless, at the very last second, we hear Anna call her name, and Kento turns to smile at the camera. That does imply that the show might have more to offer.

How a sequel to My Daemon can be made

On the other hand, imagining a sequel where hundreds of years have gone and humanity once more turns to ruthlessly eliminating daemons is an exciting idea. After breaking her word, Kiriko would reappear and cause havoc for humanity, necessitating the rise of a new hero to save Earth.

My Daemon

In addition to dealing with the current threat, this hero would work to change the system and serve as a liaison between humans and daemons. Though given My Daemon’s flawless ending, a direct sequel seems unlikely. A sequel set in the far future is still conceivable.


My Daemon’s gratifying ending may mean that a direct sequel is unlikely to occur anytime soon, but the story may continue.

The adventure of Kento and Anna was cleanly concluded in the climax, but the rich setting and themes suggest that a future chapter could take place in a different era or feature new characters.

It’s not entirely ruled out, and if fans continue to be interested, My Daemon Season 2 may bring back the fascinating world they’ve come to adore.

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