Interview with the Vampire Season 2 Release Date, Renewal Status and More

In 2020, AMC Networks purchased the television rights to Anne Rice’s book series, which Rolin Jones had developed. The much anticipated second season of Interview with the Vampire is almost here.

Has the Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire been renewed?

According to Radio Times, Season 2 has been in the works for a while, as the show was renewed before its October 2022 US release. President of original programming for AMC Networks and AMC Studios Dan McDermott, who announced the release of season 2, stated (via Variety):

“This incredible cast gives strong performances that compel us to empathize with these individuals and their humanity. “We are excited that this tale will continue and look forward to sharing the finished outcome of this incredible endeavour with audiences in a few short days.

Interview with the Vampire

“This is only the beginning of an entire universe featuring enthralling stories and characters that capture the spirit of Anne Rice’s amazing work.”

Release date Rumors for Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire

Fans can expect to see the new series on our screens sometime in 2024, despite some conjecture on the release schedule due to the current strikes in the US.

It was announced in August that season 2 production would get back underway following AMC Networks’ agreements with SAG-AFTRA.

Filming on The Walking Dead spin-offs Daryl Dixon and The Ones Who Live and Interview with the Vampire could restart thanks to the temporary arrangements.

Interview with the Vampire

Deadline was informed that filming for the second season of Interview with the Vampire was scheduled to resume in Prague.
But the fact that filming has resumed is encouraging for a 2019 premiere. The date of the upcoming season in 2024 is unknown, but we know it will have eight episodes.

We hope it will once more air on BBC Two and iPlayer here in the UK, as it has not yet been confirmed whether or not the BBC will acquire the second season.

Season 2 of “Interview with the Vampire”: Production Delay

Economic Times notes that a production freeze for season two of Interview with the Vampire was announced on July 17, 2023. According to Deadline, there was an actors’ strike. April 2023 saw the commencement of filming, with Prague as the primary setting.

Interview with the Vampire

‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 2 Release Window

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 is anticipated to air in “early-to-mid 2024.” But given the production disruptions, even that release window is slightly questionable (more on that below). Keep checking for the most recent information regarding Interview with the Vampire Season 2’s official release date.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 of ‘Interview with the Vampire’?

Interview with the Vampire debuted on AMC, where it is an original series. The series was also made available on AMC+ for cordless viewing. AMC+ users will probably be able to stream the first episode of the second season three days before it airs on television, and then they will be able to stream the episodes one week before they air on AMC.

The second season will be released according to the same schedule, at least for the first season. You can watch all seven Interview with the Vampire Season 1 episodes on AMC+ right now if you have yet to see the first season.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 2: How Many Episodes?

Eight more episodes of Interview with the Vampire Season 2 are planned for fifteen. We’re still too early in the production timeline to know the titles of the episodes or any other specifics, but we’ll update this area as soon as we learn more.

Interview with the Vampire

What will happen in the ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 2?

There has yet to be an official plot summary for Interview with the Vampire Season 2. Since the book is still half to be covered, we can easily guess what will happen given that the series is based on Anne Rice’s book.

Cast of ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 2: Who will be featured?

As of this writing, the majority of the primary cast has confirmed their return for Season 2, and the official cast roster consists of, among others:

  • Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac
  • Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt
  • Delainey Hayles as Claudia
  • Eric Bogosian as Daniel Molloy
  • Assad Zaman as Armand/Rashid
  • Ben Daniels as Santiago
  • Roxane Duran as Madeleine
  • Chris Stack as Thomas ‘Tom’ Anderson
  • John DiMaggio as Alderman Fenwick

Interview with the Vampire

  • Rae Dawn Chong as Florence de Pointe du Lac
  • Kalyne Coleman as Grace de Pointe du Lac
  • Steven G Norfleet as Paul de Pointe du Lac
  • Najah Bradley as Lily
  • Christian Robinson as Levi Freniere
  • Tony Manna as Mr Carlo
  • Dana Gourrier as Bricktop Williams
  • Thomas Antony Olajide as Jonah
  • Xavier Mills as Charlie
  • Damon Daunno as Bruce
  • Maura Grace Athari as Antoinette

Santiago, a new character for Season 2, maybe one of the antagonists. Santiago is a member of the Parisian Theatre des Vampires.

Claudia’s character has undergone a substantial casting change as Bailey Bass, who portrayed her in Season 1, is not returning. Delainey Hayles will replace her.

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What can the storyline of Season 2 of “Interview with the Vampire” be about?

Season 2 will likely continue where Season 1 left off, delving into the narrative of Rice’s book’s second half. In the first season of the gothic fantasy horror series, we follow Louis de Pointe du Lac, a wealthy black man in New Orleans in the 1910s who is wooed and courted by the alluring vampire Lestat de Lioncourt.

During the first season’s seven episodes, we witness the emergence of Louis and Lestat’s friendship and partnership, as well as Lestat’s transformation of Louis into a vampire and instruction in the ways of his new “life.” The two men’s chemistry is tested when Claudia, a recently turned vampire created by Lestat, shows there.

Louis becomes aware that not everything he tells journalist Daniel Molloy about his tale is precisely how he remembers it. Although the way the season concludes may make it appear like Lestat and Louis’s romance is over, there is more to it than that.

Among the many other topics that the second season will explore are what happens to them next and where the tale goes from here. While the details of the second season’s plot are unknown, Rolin Jones revealed in an interview that the story will take place in Europe.

Interview with the Vampire

“Season 1 of the novel’s second part, Part 2, occurs in Europe. That’s what we’re going to experience when we get there. We are then travelling to Paris. We have more time than the movie or the novel to discover what coven life is about. Since some inspiring events will take place in Dubai, we plan to make the Interview an equally essential component of this as the flashback.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ Season 2: When and Where Is It Filmed?

Filming for Interview with the Vampire Season 2 took place in several Prague sites, including the Barrandov Studios, and was scheduled to last through August 2023. The production officially started in April 2023. It is anticipated that the series will be filmed in Paris and New Orleans.

Interview with the Vampire

The WGA writers’ strike is said to have little impact on Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire, in contrast to many other current television programs. But despite this, the historic SAG-AFTRA strike that started on July 14, 2023, forced the suspension of production of Interview with the Vampire Season 2.

Season 2 of Interview with the Vampire will continue filming after AMC and SAG-AFTRA reached an interim agreement at the end of August 2023. The settlement allegedly does not involve the WGA, meaning the show’s writers will continue their strike, even though more specifics are unknown.

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