Mark Wiens Net Worth: How Rich is the Food and Travel Vlogger Actually in 2023?

With 9.15 million followers, Mark Wiens is one of the most-watched YouTube creators. Mark Wiens began in 2009 and is based in Thailand.

How much does Mark Wiens make, or how much is his net worth? This is a question we get sometimes. Mark Wiens is the only one who knows for sure, but we can get a good idea by looking at data from YouTube.

Mark Wiens Net Worth in 2023

Equity Atlas notes that Mark Wiens is worth about $4 million as of 2023. He has a considerable fortune, which comes from many sources, such as YouTube ads, paid content, brand partnerships, and his line of merchandise.

Wiens’s popular YouTube channel, Migrationology, has over 6 million subscribers and millions of views per video, which makes it appealing to advertisers and brands that want to reach its active following.

Mark Wiens

Money Made on YouTube

Wiens makes a lot of money from his YouTube account. He has made a good living through ads, partnerships, and product placements from his enjoyable travel and food-related videos.

Different sources give different exact amounts, but Wiens is thought to make around $1.5 million a year from his YouTube work alone.

Sponsorships and Endorsement with other brands

Wiens became famous quickly, and many brands and tourism boards wanted to work with him. Wiens has worked with many groups to sell their goods and services, ranging from high-end hotel chains to small, local restaurants.

In addition to giving him money, these partnerships give him unique experiences and access to secret places, making his material seem more real.

Mark Wiens

E-books and sproducts

Wiens has found more ways to make money by selling things on his website,, like e-books and products. His e-books, full of detailed food guides and travel tips, are very popular with his fans and bring in a steady flow of money.

Wiens also has a line of products, which includes branded t-shirts, hats, and accessories that his loyal fans like and that add to his net worth.

Investments for the future

Mark Wiens is an enterprising person who has looked into many business options. These could help him make even more money in the years to come.

Even though the public has yet to learn what Wiens is working on, he will probably keep using his knowledge and power in the food and travel industries to start new businesses or put money into good companies that fit his brand.

Mark Wiens

How did he start his work life?

Mark’s first job was as an English teacher in Bangkok. But he didn’t enjoy his job and spent most of his time writing about food, which he then published.

Because he loves food, he found that his hard drives were full of pictures of Thai food, so he decided to start a blog about food. Mark and his friend Dwight Turner created the blog because they both loved Thai food.

There was a lot of interest in the blog. Soon after, he started a new blog called to help travellers find the best places to stay, eat, do things, etc.

Mark Wiens

He also wrote many books about food, such as The Ultimate Eating Thai Food Guide, 101 Things to Do in Bangkok, and the Hong Kong Travel Guide for Food Lovers.

Mark’s work as a writer and author took off, and he started making good money. While he does write, he is better known as a YouTube star.

Mark wanted to share more than just information and food photos after success as an author and writer. He couldn’t share the warm feelings and great food surroundings through blogs and photos alone.

Mark Wiens

It took a little while for his short, simple movies of street food to turn into real jobs. He started making vlogs and a food show on YouTube and hasn’t looked back since.

People look forward to his two movies a week because they are entertaining and educational, and his lively personality makes them even better. A few thousand people watch his films within hours of being posted.

Mark Wiens

How much does he make?

Mark Wiens makes about $2,000 a day from his YouTube account. About 2.5 million people watch his videos daily, bringing in about $1.7 million a year. On his websites, he also sells things like e-books and T-shirts.

Mark also pays for advertising and posts affiliate links occasionally, which brings in extra money. That’s how much he’s worth after everything.

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