‘Leo’ OTT Release Date: Thalapathy Vijay starrer Leo Streaming Digitally Very Soon!

Since its premiere on October 19, 2023, Lokesh Kanagaraj’s colossal hit, Leo, starring Thalapathy Vijay, has been a massive hit in the movie business. With much joy and sky-high hopes worldwide, Leo made a name for itself by premiering in Tamil and Telugu.

This weekend, Thalapathy Vijay’s latest hit, Leo, which almost crossed Rs.500 crores worldwide, will debut on the streaming service. We now know when Leo will be available for OTT services. The movie features Trisha Krishnan, Sanjay Dutt, and Anurag Kashyap in minor roles.

Lokesh Kanagaraj directed the film, which came out in theatres on October 19. Find the date when the film will be released on OTT.

LEO OTT Release Date

‘Leo’ OTT Release Date

According to Film companion, Netflix has bought the rights to watch the movie, and it will launch on the service on November 21. This is Vijay’s second work with Kanagaraj. Their first album together was Master, which came out in 2021.

Cast and Crew of ‘Leo’

Vijay plays the lead role in “Leo,” about a character with two skin types. The movie is officially part of Lokesh Kanagaraj’s Cinematic Universe. Some actors who have played essential parts are Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja, Gautham Menon, Mathew Thomas, Mysskin, and Sandy.

LEO OTT Release Date

Their characters have given the movie more power. Anirudh Ravichander composed the music, and Manon Paramahamsa took the pictures. Gangsters Antony and Harold Das are after Parthi, a café owner and animal rescuer in Theog. They think he is Antony’s estranged son, Leo and are after him.

Plot of ‘Leo’

Parthiban is an animal rescuer and cafe owner who lives a quiet life with his family in Himachal Pradesh. The story of the movie is fascinating. As the story goes on, he faces several problems that get the media’s attention and create a buzz across the country.

Criminals looking for easy targets are also interested in him because he looks much like the former gangster Leo Das. Antony Das’s (Sanjay Dutt) son is a notorious bandit and tobacco-rich man. People thought Leo had died in a terrible fire, but after seeing a picture of Parthiban, Antony and his brother Harold (Arjun) are sure that Parthiban is Leo.

The rest of the movie is about how they never give up on finding the truth. At the same time, Parthiban fights to keep himself and his family safe.

LEO OTT Release Date

‘Leo’ Box Office Collection

The highly anticipated movie “Leo” broke all box office records when it came out. In just seven days, it made Rs 461 crore, which is a new record for a Tamil movie. The action-drama has made enough money to break even in almost every market, and it is already Vijay’s most successful movie.

LEO OTT Release Date

13 Days Box Office Collection

Day India Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Thursday] ₹ 64.8 Cr [Ta: 48.96 Cr ; Te: 12.9 Cr; Hi: 2.8 Cr; Ka: 0.14 Cr]
Day 2 [1st Friday] ₹ 34.25 Cr [Ta: 28.04 Cr ; Te: 4.5 Cr; Hi: 1.6 Cr; Ka: 0.11 Cr]
Day 3 [1st Saturday] ₹ 38.3 Cr [Ta: 31.4 Cr ; Te: 4.4 Cr; Hi: 2.35 Cr; Ka: 0.15 Cr]
Day 4 [1st Sunday] ₹ 39.8 Cr [Ta: 33.55 Cr ; Te: 3.5 Cr; Hi: 2.6 Cr; Ka: 0.15 Cr]
Day 5 [1st Monday] ₹ 34.1 Cr [Ta: 29.5 Cr ; Te: 2.55 Cr; Hi: 1.85 Cr; Ka: 0.2 Cr]
Day 6 [1st Tuesday] ₹ 30.7 Cr [Ta: 24.5 Cr ; Te: 3.45 Cr; Hi: 2.55 Cr; Ka: 0.2 Cr]
Day 7 [1st Wednesday] ₹ 13.4 Cr [Ta: 9.85 Cr ; Te: 1.85 Cr; Hi: 1.55 Cr; Ka: 0.15 Cr]
Day 8 [2nd Thursday] ₹ 8.9 Cr [Ta: 6.4 Cr ; Te: 1.05 Cr; Hi: 1.35 Cr; Ka: 0.1 Cr]
Week 1 Collection ₹ 264.25 Cr [Ta: 212.2 Cr ; Te: 34.2; Hi: 16.65; Ka: 1.2]
Day 9 [2nd Friday] ₹ 7.65 Cr [Ta: 5.9 Cr ; Te: 0.7 Cr; Hi: 1 Cr; Ka: 0.05 Cr]
Day 10 [2nd Saturday] ₹ 15 Cr [Ta: 11.95 Cr ; Te: 1.45 Cr; Hi: 1.55 Cr; Ka: 0.05 Cr]
Day 11 [2nd Sunday] ₹ 16.55 Cr [Ta: 13.35 Cr ; Te: 1.5 Cr; Hi: 1.65 Cr; Ka: 0.05 Cr]
Day 12 [2nd Monday] ₹ 4.45 Cr [Ta: 3.15 Cr ; Te: 0.68 Cr; Hi: 0.6 Cr; Ka: 0.02 Cr]
Day 13 [2nd Tuesday] ₹ 3.5 Cr [Ta: 2.28 Cr ; Te: 0.6 Cr; Hi: 0.6 Cr; Ka: 0.02 Cr]
Total ₹ 311.4 Cr [Ta: 248.83 Cr ; Te: 39.13 Cr; Hi: 22.05 Cr; Ka: 1.39 Cr]

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