Corey Harrison Illness: What Made the ‘Pawn Stars’ Actor to lose Tremendous Weight?

Corey Harrison Illness: You can expect the stars of a TV show to change in appearance after as many seasons as Pawn Stars has had on the air (20 seasons and counting).

However, one fan thought that Pawn Stars actors Austin “Chumlee” Russell and Corey Harrison were sick when they started losing weight a few years ago. The viewer posted, “Corey and Chumlee from Pawn Stars look sick AF,” highlighting their extreme thinness.

However, as Corey previously disclosed, he lost weight due to weight loss surgery rather than illness. But since they noticed specific changes in Corey’s conduct and appearance in recent months, some fans have been worried about his health.

Some have even theorized that he may have suffered a stroke due to his weight increase, droopy eyelid, and slurred speech. Do these rumours have any merit? We know the following.

Corey Harrison

Corey’s Path to Weight Loss

Distractify says that Corey’s extreme weight loss in the past is one of the reasons some fans believe he may have had a stroke. People magazine claims that after Corey gained 402 pounds in 2010, he had lap-band surgery.

He claimed that after learning that he was at risk of getting diabetes, his doctor encouraged him to reduce his weight. In the years that followed, Corey was able to shed 192 pounds as a result of the surgery and a healthier way of living.

After losing the extra weight, he claimed to feel more confident and energized. In addition, he got the phrase “No excuses” tattooed on his leg as a reminder of his resolve to maintain his fitness.

Corey Harrison

Corey’s Motorbike Accident

Corey’s weight loss journey was not without difficulties, though. He had multiple injuries, including a fractured arm in a major motorcycle accident in 2014.

He said that a car cut him off when riding his bike, resulting in an accident. After being taken to the hospital immediately, he had surgery to fix his arm.

Corey’s physical and mental well-being were negatively impacted by the accident. He claimed that using painkillers for a few months harmed his appetite and mood.

He also needed biological treatment to get his arm moving again. He acknowledged that he could not exercise as much as he had previously, so he regained some weight during this time.

Corey Harrison

Corey’s Present Situation

There is no proof that Corey suffered from a stroke or any other major medical problem, despite the rumours. Although he hasn’t publicly addressed the rumours, he has shared several joyful and well-looking images and videos on social media.

He and Chumlee, as well as his father, are still frequent guests on Pawn Stars. After his motorbike accident, Corey appears to be on the mend and has started working on losing weight again.

He claimed to have been on a low-carb diet and exercising with a trainer. In addition, he mentioned that he has been enjoying his pastimes, like golfing and fishing, and spending more time with his friends and family.

Aside from Pawn Stars, Corey has been busy with his business endeavours. He owns a hair, nail, and skin care salon in downtown Las Vegas called Beauty Bar. In addition, Corey’s Sports Pub & Grill, a pub he owns in Henderson, Nevada, offers karaoke, live music, and sporting events.

Corey Harrison

Fans of Pawn Stars dispute the new appearance. Corey

Viewers of Pawn Stars have been discussing Corey’s latest appearance and offering their thoughts. Additionally, since the recent debut of Pawn Stars Do America, more people are worried about his health but don’t know why he shed so much weight.

“Why does Corey look sick?” an admirer wrote. He appears unwell. Watch a Pawn Stars Do America episode. “Chumlee and Corey lost too much weight,” another person remarked.

Corey Harrison

But just because Corey is thinner doesn’t mean everyone believes he looks sick. Some fans think he looks better than ever; one said, “Y’all are looking healthy and happy, man,” in response to a recent Instagram snapshot of him. “You look good, man. Damn.” Continue as you are! Wrote a different viewer.

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In 2018, Corey and “Kiki” got divorced.

Executive assistant Korina “Kiki” Harrison is Corey’s ex-wife. The two were wed in May 2017. A month before their son Richard Benjamin Harrison was born, in September 2018, they filed for divorce. Despite having friendly divorce proceedings, their opposing work schedules caused their divorce.

Corey Harrison

2009 saw Corey wed Charlene, his high school love, who became his first wife. 2015 saw their divorce, according to Reality Titbit. Is Corey going to strike it lucky three times? Over the past year, he has shared pictures of an unidentified woman on Instagram, presumably his girlfriend. In March 2022, he posted the last photo of her to his social media:


In summary, there’s no reason to suspect that Pawn Stars’ Corey suffered a stroke or any other major health problem. His weight swings and minor alterations to his appearance and speech are probably the basis for the rumours. These do not, however, point to a stroke or any other type of neurological condition.

Corey has been transparent about his struggles to lose weight and his journey. Additionally, he has demonstrated that he is doing well and leading a happy life. He is still a vital component of Pawn Stars and a prosperous businessman in his own right. Fans may relax knowing that Corey is all right and that they can still have fun watching him on Pawn Stars.

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