Exploring Chris Kelly’s Life – His Biography, Age, Height, Relationships, and Net Worth

Step into the rhythmic world of Chris Kelly, a hip-hop luminary who, alongside his partner Chris Smith, formed the dynamic duo Kris Kross.

From their iconic hit “Jump” to the group’s influential role in the ’90s rap scene, this biography delves into the life and legacy of Chris Kelly.

Join us as we navigate through his journey, exploring the highs and lows of fame, the impact of Kris Kross on the music industry, and the personal story of a young artist whose talent left an indelible mark on hip-hop history.


Chris Kelly Biography

Chris was born in Manchester in 1949. When he was one year old, he moved to Wolverhampton in the Black Country with his mother and father, a police officer.

Chris dropped out of school at age 15 to work as an apprentice panel beater. He then sold trucks for the very successful Ryland Group in Birmingham. He started West Midland Trucks Limited (Westmid) in Wolverhampton at 25. Westmid sold used trucks, his first step into being his boss.

Later, he helped grow the UK rental market by renting out brand-new, high-value, high-spec sleeper trucks and trailers. After four years of business, he bought many brand-new Scanias to rent out. This made Scania (Great Britain) Limited offer Chris the Scania business in 1982.


Full Name Chris Kelly
Occupation Rapper
Age Death Date May 1, 2013 (age 34)
Date of Birth August 11, 1978
Place of Birth Atlanta, GA
Star Sign Leo
Country United States
Gender Male

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Chris Kelly Death

He passed away on May 1, 2013. He was only 34 but left a mark on the music business that many acts would take up. It is thought that he died too soon from a drug overdose.

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly Family and Friends

Not a lot is known about Chris’s family and friend’s life. No one knows about his personal life. However, His mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, and his uncle, Lamar Williams, confirmed his history of drug abuse and mentioned that Kelly had experienced similar episodes in the past.

Chris Kelly Career

Chris Kelly and Chris Smith formed the rap duo Kris Kross in 1992. Their next song, “Jump,” was a big hit immediately. It stayed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart for eight weeks. Jermaine Dupri wrote the song.

This song from the record Crossed Out, “Jump,” became one of the most popular ones online. Because the album did so well, Kris Kross got to perform on the same stage as famous singers like Michael Jackson. On top of that, their fans copied the way they dressed.


Kris Kross worked on many hit songs, like “Warm it Up.” They continued and put out Kris Kross: Make My Computer, a game that didn’t sell as well as they had hoped. They even recorded for Rugrats on Nickelodeon.

As time passed, they could not perfect his “Jump.” Kris Kross broke up after putting out the record Young, Rich, and Dangerous in 1996.

Chris Kelly Net Worth at the Time of Death


Kris Kross was an American rap group with Chris Kelly as a member. Celebrity Net Worth says that Chris Kelly had a net worth of $100,000. Chris Kelly died on May 1, 2013, from what looked like an overdose.

He was 34 years old. Kelly and his friend Chris Smith were found at age 13 in an Atlanta mall by Jermaine Dupri, a producer who wasn’t well known at the time. Dupri helped the two get a record deal and produced “Jump,” their massive hit song.

Jump was the number-one song on Billboard for eight weeks in a row. More than four million copies of their “Totally Krossed Out” record were sold.

Kris Kross quickly got a spot on Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour, even though they were known for dressing backwards. Two more records and even a video game for the Sega CD system came out later.

Net Worth $100 Thousand

Chris Kelly Social Media Handles

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