Are Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr. dating? Another Challenge Showmance Updated

Are Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr. dating? Another couple formed during filming for season 39 of The Challenge, which is currently airing. Four rookies and Ride or Dies star Horacio Gutierrez Jr. and Nurys Mateo are now dating. They first appeared on the MTV show in season 38.

The first time they were on the show, they were paired with different people and had shomances with other contestants. But in their second season, sparks flew between them, and they started dating.

nurys and horacio

Are Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr. now dating?

According to Sportskeeda, Horacio Gutierrez Jr. and Nurys Mateo are dating right now. They made it official in September 2023 that they were dating, and they’ve been posting about it on social media.

How did Horacio and Nurys meet?

nurys and horacio

Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez Jr. met on the set of Season 39 of The Challenge. During the show, their friendship started to grow, and in the end, they were dating. The couple has been posting about their romance on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. They have been seen together at different events, and other cast members have said nice things about them.

They confirmed their relationship in September 2023 when Nurys posted a picture with her boyfriend. They flew to New York the same month to see her dad, brother, and best friend.

In October, the contestant on The Challenge went on social media to let her friends know she and Horacio were doing long-distance. Even though it had only been five days, she was already “going through withdrawals.”

They were seen getting close on The Challenge’s Instagram page in November. The post was from the current season. Horacio watched Nurys dance in the video and told the cameras that she was “wonderful” and a “gorgeous girl.”

They began to dance together later in the video, and Horacio couldn’t stop smiling. Horacio’s Ride or Die in season 38 was Olivia. She said that Nurys and Horacio have known each other for a “really long time” and found their situation “interesting.” Olivia said,

“I thought if there was chemistry there, they maybe would have already connected, but it just goes to show, some relationships start very, very slow,”

During the same month, Nurys answered some fan questions on Instagram and said the questions most often asked were about her boyfriend, Horacio. She said she couldn’t give away any episode secrets for this season and told fans they would have to watch to find out what happened. She did, however, ask them who they thought went first.

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During the same Q&A, a cast member from Season 39 of The Challenge talked about the couple’s plans and said they would move in together next year. Exatlón All Stars, which stars Horacio Gutierrez Jr., is currently filming.

The movie will end in February, and the group will move in together. It’s planned that they will move together when he gets back from shooting. Nurys said,

“I think he’s going to live with me in L.A. at first, and then we’ll make the big move to Texas together.”

nurys and horacio

Season 39 of The Challenge

As the name suggests, Season 39 of “The Challenge” is called “The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion.” The season started on MTV on November 1, 2023, and continues as of December 28, 2023.

This season has 24 contestants who have never won the show before. They are fighting in physical challenges and teaming up to win the grand prize. Horacio Gutierrez Jr. and Nurys Mateo started dating after meeting on set of this season.

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