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Amelia Draper, a prominent meteorologist and familiar face in the world of weather reporting, has captured the attention and trust of viewers with her expertise and charismatic on-screen presence. In this article, we delve into the fascinating life and career of Amelia Draper.

From her educational background and professional journey to her notable contributions in the field of meteorology, we explore the unique qualities that have made her a respected figure in the industry.

Join us as we unravel the story behind Amelia Draper, a meteorologist whose passion for weather and commitment to delivering accurate forecasts have endeared her to audiences across the nation.

Amelia Segal

Who is Amelia Segal?

Meteorologist Amelia Draper works for NBC’s Storm Team 4 in Washington, DC. She is an American. But before that, she was a weathercaster for 103.5 WTOP Radio, NBC, and NBC News4. There is also an Emmy Award for her work in predicting the weather.

Amelia Segal Biography

Her birthday is December 11, 1986, and she was born in Frederick County. The star sign for her is Sagittarius. She was born in the United States and comes from a mixed-race family. Mari Segal and Dave Segal had a daughter named Amelia. When it comes to her schooling, Amelia went to Middletown High School and graduated in 2004.

Amelia Segal

She went to Penn State University and got a degree in meteorology. Amelia worked toward her dream job as a reporter. The first job she had was as an access TV host for Centre County, Pennsylvania, on CNET. After she finished college, she worked as a weekend reporter in Erie for WJET/WFXP.

Amelia Segal Net Worth

Ultimately, Amelia had its second-deepest winter with about 145 inches of snow. She even joined WIVB-WNLO in Buffalo for the morning shows. She worked there for three years. At that point, she had chased four storms in one afternoon.

After that, Amelia went to work for NBC 4 Washington. She also reported weather for NBC, 103.5 WTOP Radio, and News4 of NBC. According to 2024, Amelia’s net worth is about $150,000.

Amelia Segal Family: Parents, Siblings, and Children

Amelia Segal

Matthew (Matt) Draper is Amelia’s husband. On May 7, 2016, they took their wedding vows. After their wedding, Amelia wrote on Twitter, “Besides that, she hasn’t gushed much about her married life and hasn’t even shared the details of their wedding when the date came up.”

But it looks like Amelia is happy in her marriage to Matthew and doesn’t want the media to know about it. Dave Segal and Mari Segal had a daughter named Amelia. She grew up in Frederick, Maryland, with her brother.

During their childhood, Amelia and her brother played ice hockey and did other things outside of school. He played for the Frederick Phantoms and then the Little Capitals.

Amelia also worked at Whitetail Ski Resort as a snowboard teacher and played field hockey. Then, while she was in high school, she played lacrosse.

Amelia Segal Height and Weight

Amelia Segal

Amelia is very tall; she is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and her weight stays in the closet. Her dark hair and black eyes make her look even more beautiful.

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Career of Amelia Segal

She works for NBC4 and is part of StormTeam 4. She does her job on and in the evening news shows on News4. On 103.5 WTOP Radio, too. Draper’s first job was with CNET in State College, Pennsylvania. This experience helped her get her next job as a weekend meteorologist for WJET/WFXP in Erie, Pa.

She learned a lot about weather events like lake effect snow while she was there. Erie had its second-winter snowiest season ever during Draper’s first year there. From there, she started working the morning shift at WIVB-WNLO in Buffalo.

Amelia Segal

She graduated from Penn State University, where she studied weather. After a while, she dropped out of college early to start living. Draper has been fit her whole life. In high school, she worked as a snowboard teacher at Whitetail Ski Resort.

She also played field hockey and lacrosse, and now she enjoys yoga, golf, and running as hobbies. She moved back to the Washington area to be closer to family and friends because she was on the best weather team in Washington. She has been through a lot, like cold winters, hot summers, and spring storms.

Draper chose to tell people in Washington, D.C., what the weather would be like even though he is from Frederick, Maryland.

Amelia Segal

Interesting Facts About Amelia Segal

  • Many of us might need to learn that Amelia is into working out. She worked as a snowboard teacher at Whitetail Ski Resort in high school.
  • Besides those things, she loved running, golf, hockey, lacrosse, and yoga.
  • She worked as a weather forecaster for C-NET in State College, PA, as her first job.
  • Because of this, she got her next job as a weekend reporter at WJET/WFXP in Erie, PA.
  • She was able to record Erie’s second-heaviest winter of snow, which was about 145 inches deep.
  • In the end, she joined WIVB-WNLO in Buffalo. She worked there in the morning for almost three years.
  • Because of this, she also had the chance to chase four storms in one afternoon.
  • After that, in March 2013, she moved on to NBC 4 Washington.

Amelia Segal

  • On, News4 of NBC, and 103.5 WTOP Radio, you can hear her speech.
  • Draper loved her dream job as a meteorologist very much. She looked forward to becoming a weathercaster all the time.
  • She dropped out of college early to get a job.
  • In her personal life, Draper married Matthew Draper on May 7, 2016, and they walked down the aisle together.
  • Amelia wrote on Twitter, “Excited to start a new chapter in my life; I married my best friend.”
  • Amelia is a well-known meteorologist who makes a considerable pay every year.
  • Since she predicts the weather, she makes the right amount of money.
  • Based on how well-known she is and how much money her fellow weather reporter makes, Amelia Draper has a good amount of money. But the exact amount of her wealth is still a secret.

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