Navid Sole Girlfriend: Is the Bigg Boss 17 Contestant in a Serious Relationship?

A 27-year-old pharmacist named Navid Sole has become well-known in the business world thanks to his impressive work in pharmacy. He has worked with Lord Sugar and made a name for himself, even though he has faced abuse because of his gender and religion. Besides being a pharmacist, he has over 90k followers on Instagram and always posts pictures there. Read on to find more information about his personal life and relationships.

Who is Navid Sole’s girlfriend?

Navid Sole is still single. But he had a significant person in his life. Her name is Charlotte. They’re seeing each other again. They love each other and are in a relationship, even though they aren’t married yet. Navid has a good balance between work and home life, which shows he can do well in both areas.

Navid Sole

Navid doesn’t want most of his personal life to be known to others. He is single and unmarried but has been with other women, most notably his ex-lover, Charlotte. One report said that Navid was seeing a woman named Brittany. Navid is still single and focuses on his work and personal interests.

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He came out as gay when he was 25, proud of his uniqueness. He was dating Britanny at King’s College London in England. The relationship ran for about two years. In 2018, he shared a post on Facebook about another girl he liked, and they ended up dating for four years. Her name was Charlotte.

Navid Sole

Find Navid Sole in Season 17 of Bigg Boss 

Navid Sole

Navid Sole brought his skills as a doctor to Bigg Boss 17 and became known for his active social media presence. On the show, he had to deal with challenges, do chores, and talk to other contestants, all adding to the fun and drama that Bigg Boss is known for. Navid Sole was also one of the contestants who was in the running for the first elimination.

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