Who is Milo Manheim dating? Does Milo Manheim have a girlfriend?

Milo Manheim is an actor from the US. Many people know him from his part as Zed in the Disney Channel Original Movie Zombies. He started acting when he was seven and has been in fifteen shows with Liza Monjauze Productions.

The actor has been in many other movies, like School Spirits and American Housewife. His popularity has grown since he started in Zombies 2, and now his fans want to know about his love life. Milo Manheim: Does he have a girlfriend?

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Who is Milo Manheim?

Milo Manheim is an American actor who was born on March 6, 2001. Zombies (2018), Zombies 2 (2020), and Zombies 3 (2022) are his most famous roles. In Zombies, he played the lead part of Zed. He came in second place on season 27 of Dancing with the Stars in 2018.

Does Milo Manheim have a girlfriend?

Milo’s Instagram account has a lot of pictures of him with his co-stars, but it doesn’t show that he is dating anyone. According to Amomama, it looks like he’s not with anyone. Milo recently showed his fans how he gets along with other stars in real life in an Instagram post.

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He posted a picture of himself and Josh Zuckerman enjoying a break from shooting a scene for the Paramount+ show “School Spirits.” Milo got into even more trouble behind the scenes. He also caught some funny moments on the set with his Paramount co-stars Peyton List, Sarah Yarkin, and Nick Pugliese.

Milo also posted a post thanking his “Prom Pact” co-stars Peyton Elizabeth and Blake Draper, both very skilled actors. No doubt, Milo has a good time both on and off the set. Even though Milo has shared many intimate photos with his fellow actors, he has not revealed that he is dating anyone.

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Who is Milo Manheim dating?

Milo is best known for his part in Disney’s Zombies. He was briefly romantically tied to influencer Holiday Kriegel in 2018. In July 2018, the alleged couple walked the Incredibles 2 red carpet together. They never talked about their romance publicly, but the Disney star told Entertainment Tonight in October 2018 that he was “single.” It needs to be clarified why they broke up.

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In 2018, he said that his dancing partner, Witney Carson, was trying to set him up with someone on set while he was on Dancing With the Stars. “Witney has been trying to set me up with people all week,” Milo said in the same interview. “We’re not going to tell her who we know she’s thinking about right now.” It turned out to be Maddie Ziegler, he said later.

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After some time, he made reports of a relationship with his Dancing With the Stars co-star Alexis Ren. People saw them making out at the 2019 Coachella Music Festival in April, and they even shared an Instagram picture of themselves. Soon after, the model made her relationship with Noah Centineo public, so it wasn’t clear what happened between them.

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