Who is Bigg Boss 17 Contestant, Firoza Khan’s boyfriend in 2023?

Firoza Khan is a beautiful Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter. Some of her hobbies are writing, creating, and rarvel. She was born and raised in Assam and is a rising Indian rapper, YouTuber, and songwriter.

Because she worked hard, she was able to compete in season 2 of the famous Indian rap competition MTV Hustle. You can find Firoza on YouTube as well.

Firoza Khan

Firoza Khan Biography

The Indian singer Firoza Khan was born in 1996 in Assam. She was born into a middle-class family, but little about his brothers and other family members is known. In a press interview, she once said that her dad is from Afghanistan and his mom is American.

Firoza Khan


She keeps going even though things are complicated, and she never lets these problems stop him from working hard. As a famous rapper, she had worked hard in the business without the help of a godfather. Firoza is the kind of woman who had the guts to go into a man-dominated field and do well.

Firoza Khan Boyfriend

It is said that Firoza Khan was seen hanging out with BB OTT2 contestant Jad Hadid in 2023. The media couldn’t get enough of them, taking pictures of them together and making faces. It looks like they are dating.

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It’s not fair that Firoza has to stay in the Bigg Boss house while Bigg Boss OTT 2 star Jad Hadid stars in the Indian version of Temptation Island. However neither of the celebrities’ have made an announcement regarding their relationship.

Firoza Khan

Firoza Khan in Big Boss 17

On October 15, the 17th season of the television show Bigg Boss got off to a great start. One of the most talked-about contestants this season is rapper Firoza Khan, who goes by the stage name Khanzaadi.

The game started, and we saw how the contestants were put into different rooms and how they slowly showed who they were. We also saw how the fights for jobs and spaces started.

Firoza Khan

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