Steve-O Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘Jackass’ Star in 2023?

Steve-O’s net worth shows that his stunts don’t just break the rules; they’ve also made him a lot of money over the years. Since his days on Jackass, which made him famous in 2002, the star has continued to shock people with stunts and slapstick fun. But before he became famous, he made his first movie with a camera that his dad won in a business golf event.

Who is Steve-O?

Steve-O is a British-American comedian, stuntman, actor, and TV personality. He was born Stephen Gilchrist Glover on June 13, 1974, in London, England, to a Canadian mother and an American father. He is best known for his shocking and pain-inducing stunts in the reality comedy television series Jackass.

steve o net worth

Steve-O has also performed stand-up comedy and is an animal rights activist. He studied at the University of Miami and at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College

Steve-O Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth says that Steve-O has a net worth of $4 million and is a British-American comedian, stuntman, and TV figure. A big name in the entertainment business, Steve-O is best known for his pranks in the Jackass movies.

Aside from film, Steve-O has done well in music and stand-up comedy. He has also been in several video games. People know Steve-O for pulling bold, gross, and sometimes morally questionable stunts and pranks.

steve o net worth

Steve-O married Brittany McGraw in 2006, and they split up in 2008. He wants to buy a big house and turn it into an animal refuge with his fiancée, Lux Wright.

Net worth $4 million
Born June 13, 1974, in London, England
Nationality American, British, and Canadian
Became a millionaire at Around 26
Occupations Television personality, stunt performer, comedian, actor, writer
Sources of wealth TV shows, films, video games, rap albums, autobiographies, brand endorsements, and merchandise
Asset classes Real estate, cars, and books

steve o net worth

How Steve-O made his money?

Steve O worked hard after college and pitched his videos to any producer who would listen. It paid off when he met Jeff Tremaine, the genius behind Jackass, who was looking for new people to be on his stunt-based TV show.

It was during the first season of MTV’s Jackass that Steve-O got his first million dollars with his badass jackass antics and epic stunts. For $500 per trick, he did the craziest and most dangerous things he had ever done. Even though that helped him get more affluent, it was the Jackass movie that made him a millionaire.

The movie, which also starred Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, and Bam Margera, made an impressive $80 million at the box office, even though it only cost $5 million.

After Jackass: The Movie did well, he was in Jackass Number Two, Jackass 3D, the last Jackass movie, and the follow-up, Jackass Forever, which made $23.5 million at the box office despite costing only $10 million. If you will, that wage took Steve-O over the $1 million mark.

He made more money from his hit comedy show Gnarly, the TV show Dr. Steve-O, and his two books, which he released and shared with the world on a stand-up tour called “The Bucket List.”

steve o net worth

Steve-O Investments

Steve O’s $4 million net worth is spread out among several investments that bring in a lot of money, such as a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. He has put money into his YouTube channel, SteveO, which now has over 6.03 million followers and could help him make more money.

As an entertainer, he makes a lot of money from brand endorsements, YouTube, stand-up comedy shows, merchandise, and royalties from the Jackass movies.

Steve-O has written best-selling autobiographies to make this investment as varied as possible. Steve-O’s business portfolio is like an ecosystem; as his net worth grows yearly, it keeps making money for him. He knows a lot about investing, which shows that no one is too crazy to make money from wise investments.

Steve-O Real Estate

The real estate purchases that Steve-O has made are where his real wealth lies. The Jackass team member has spent a lot of money on high-end homes that have everything he might need to live in private comfort.

His $1,162,000 house in Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles, has a two-car garage, a high fence security entry gate, and a ceiling that overlaps. He wants to buy a bigger house and build an animal refuge with Lux Wright, the woman he will marry.


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Steve-O Cars

Steve-O always spends a lot of money on his cars. He first bought a used Mercury Grand Marquis in 1990, a sleek and stylish vehicle. As Steve-O learned to drive, he used his money from a paid medical study to buy himself a 1991 Ford Tempo.

When stand-up comedian Steve-O became popular, it made sense that he would rent expensive cars for road trips, like the famous Camaro. But he soon realized that it was too much for him.

steve o cars

His daily driver, a 2009 Nissan Versa that cost him $15,080, will always be his best car. Plus, he bought a fancy camping van called Roxanne, made by Pioneer Coach Inc. and cost about $1.7 million. When the well-known comic needs a break from his busy schedule, he drives his fancy cars on his favourite road trips from Florida to California.


Don’t be surprised if you see Steve-O’s vehicles on the highway—he loves to spend money on good cars that fit his fun-loving lifestyle.

steve o cars

Steve-O Books

Steve-O has been buying books. He has a lot of books that talk about his life, working in show business, and the things he has learned.

Workaholic: A Memoir is one of the books. It’s an honest and often funny look at Steve O’s childhood, how he became famous through the Jackass movies, and his terrible journey from drug and alcohol abuse to recovery.

steve o book

After ten years, the Jackass star wrote a new book called A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned From a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions. It gives a good picture of Steve O’s work history. In New York City, Los Angeles, and other nearby towns, he has signed copies of Professional Idiot.

Steve-O is investing in more than just books. He is also investing in other projects. With his podcast “Wild Ride! with Steve-O” and his MTV series, Steve-O will indeed become well-known in the writing world.


Steve O is now one of the most famous comedians of our time. He helped build his reputation by performing with one of the biggest comedy teams in the United States. Steve O’s net worth is about $4 Million as of December 2023.

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