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Papi Khomane used to play football for South Africa. He was a defender in both club and international games. Khomane played club football for Jomo Cosmos and Orlando Pirates. From 1998 to 2000, he also played nine times for South Africa.

When Khomane played for his country in the late 1990s and early 2000s, earning nine caps for the South African national team, his skills were known worldwide. The hard work and talent he showed in his club career carried over into his international career, adding a new dimension to his football reputation.

Who is Papi Khomane?

Papi Khomane played defence in professional football in South Africa. From 1998 to 2000, Khomane played club football for Jomo Cosmos and Orlando Pirates. He also played nine times for the South African national team, including at AFCON 2000.

Papi Khomane

He was killed in a car crash on November 25, 2023, on his way to Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal. The accident also killed his mother and brother-in-law.

How old is Papi Khomane?

Papi Khomane was born in South Africa on January 31, 1975. He has loved football since he was a child. He grew up in a family that loved football, and his journey on and off the field set the stage for a fantastic career.

Khomane’s upbringing in the middle of South Africa was a big part of how his life turned out.

Papi Khomane

Family of Papi Khomane

Papi Khomane’s father was the famous Pirates player Johannes “Yster” Khomane. The sports legend’s mother, Rita Khomane, was essential to his growth. Papi Khomane was married to Ntombifuthi Khomane.

Additionally, the Orlando Pirates Football Club’s statement following his passing mentioned his wife, Mrs. Rita Khomane, as a remarkable woman behind their successes. Therefore, it is evident that Papi Khomane was married to Ntombifuthi Khomane, and his mother’s name was Rita Khomane.

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Papi Khomane Career

Papi Khomane has played professionally for the Jomo Cosmos and the Orlando Pirates. He won the Premier Soccer League title with the second team in 2001 and 2003. He played nine games for South Africa at the international level, including at AFCON 2000 and the FIFA World Cup in France in 1998.

Khomane quit professional football at age 29 2004 and started coaching and analyzing games. He also opened a football school in Soweto for young people who want to be players.

Papi Khomane

Papi Khomane Net Worth

Papi Khomane’s projected net worth of $1 million in 2023 shows how successful he was in football and other areas of his life. His influence will live on forever in the football community, inspiring many.

Papi Khomane Car Accident and his Untimely Death

Unfortunately, the Papi Khomane car accident is closely connected to a recent and terrible cause of death. Khamane’s death has shocked people all over the internet, and it has caused shock among his loyal fans.

Papi Khomane

The sad news came straight from Papi’s dad, Johannes, who said that the car accident happened on a terrible Saturday. To make things even worse, Johannes told them that Papi, along with his mother and brother-in-law, had died too soon in the terrible car accident.

When the news quickly spread on different social media sites, Papi’s friends and followers were immediately shocked. People online who had just lost someone they cared about started posting messages to honour the person who had died.

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