Alperen Sengun Girlfriend: Is He Single or Still in a Relationship?

Alperen Sengun’s outstanding performance for the Houston Rockets this season has drawn a lot of admirers. He’s surrounded by folks who are passionate about basketball as a rising star. But not everyone in his life shares his passion for the game.

Sengun doesn’t post pictures of his girlfriend on social media, making him a private NBA star. On the “Podcast P” with Paul George, however, he disclosed that he is in a relationship. His girlfriend’s lack of interest in the Turkish centre’s line of work makes it interesting.

Who is the girlfriend of Alperen Sengun?

The NBA star Alperen Sengun is well-known for keeping his personal affairs secret and hasn’t made any information about his girlfriend available to the public.

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He hasn’t publicly acknowledged the allegations that he is dating Deniz Aksoy, his translator. Furthermore, he has not posted any details about his partner on social media. Thus, there has yet to be any formal confirmation regarding his girlfriend.

Alperen Sengun amusingly shares how his girlfriend’s lack of interest in basketball sometimes annoys him

The 6-foot-11 Rockets centre revealed that his partner had no sporting background.”She has no basketball knowledge at all. In actuality, she knows nothing about sports,” stated Sengun.

It was questioned if Sengun’s girlfriend was envious of his dedication as an NBA player.”After every game, she’s in my ass every time. “What, you stole the ball this time?” she asks, stating Sengun.

alperen sengun

How did Deniz Aksoy and Alperen Sengun be close?

According to reports, Deniz Aksoy and Alperen Sengun got to know each other while working as translators for Turkish basketball players for several years. Because of their regular appearances together, rumors have been floating around that they are dating.

alperen sengun

Sengun has yet to make any information regarding his romantic relationships publicly available. Sengun’s romantic life has been the subject of conjecture as there have been reports of his being spotted with Hannah Cherry, despite the allegations that he is dating his translator.

Despite these speculations, Sengun has kept his personal life private and hasn’t disclosed any information about his relationship on social media. As a result, how Sengun and Aksoy met is still being determined.

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